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“Is it lawful to do good?”

There is a capacity for goodness in each of us that can produce unimaginable change in the world.

Suspected Austin serial bomber triggers explosion killing himself

The man suspected to be the Austin serial bomber is dead from triggering an explosion in his car as the police moved in on...

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Police log: From gift card creepers to bedroom peepers

Police took a report of fingerprints found outside a bedroom window.

Balance only the gifted will know

Rolling wheels? More like falling heels.

Devotional cover: How to overcome the ‘mountains’ in our lives

Elder Jeremy R. Jaggi, a General Authority Seventy, and his wife, Amy Jaggi, shared a message of hope during devotional.

Breaking news: Kyler Miskin, Rexburg drive-by shooter, sentenced to 5-year incarceration

Kyler Miskin appeared before Judge Boyce who sentenced him according to the felony crime of a Rexburg drive-by shooting in 2020.