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POLICE LOG: Police receive report of potato throwing

Individual recently released from jail found pounding on a window.

What a waste: The issue of wasted food and what you can do about it

There's no easy answer to the problem of food waste, but there are those working in Rexburg to reduce wasted food.

Broulim’s sells nearly half of its ownership to full-time employees

Broulim's is selling 49.5 percent of its ownership to the full-time employees in an effort to benefit their retirement plans better. The ownership shares will be sold into ESOP (employment stock ownership plan), instead of the 401k.

Life Hacks: Eating healthy for less

Finding foods that are cheap, easy to prepare and come in large quantities are the most important criteria when it comes to grocery shopping,...

Rally organized to sport gun rights

Saturday, Feb. 21, a rally will take place in front of the Madison County Court House at 3:30 p.m. by the Second Amendment Alliance...

Local counties make effort to serve poor

  Christmas is coming, and the communities of Eastern Idaho are reaching out to lend a hand to those in need this season. There will be...

Vegetarians seek options in Rexburg

Approximately seven million Americans are vegetarians, and an additional 22 million follow a vegetarian-inclined diet, according to the Vegetarian Times. Celebrities such as Anne Hathaway,...

Scroll Digital Update March 22, 2013

On this edition of Scroll Digital President Clark speaks out on a controversial Facebook page at the latest Q & A. We'll also introduce...

Rexburg Takes Action Against Bomb Threats

A false bomb threat occurring here at Melaleuca raises questions as to what other local businesses do to keep their companies safe.   Ian Martinson, Broulim's...

Local businesses persevere despite cold

14,733 people woke without electricity early Monday morning. The power outage was caused by a downed power line between Rexburg and St. Anthony, according...

Edgar Hansen Uncut Interview

The raw footage of Edgar Hansen's Broulim's interview. The star of Discovery Channel's series, The Deadliest Catch, came to pay a visit to his...

‘Deadliest Catch’ member visits Rexburg

Photos by Marisol Armendariz   Famed fisherman Edgar Hansen and Chef Hai Fitzgerald, owner of “Thyme & Seasons” restaurant in Bountiful, Utah, were at Rexburg’s Broulim’s...

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Finding an identity after growing up in a Russian orphanage

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Devotional cover: Seeking God’s light

In her devotional address, Taunya Hansen spoke about the light of Christ and gave 3 suggestions on ways to better seek and receive His light.

BREAKING NEWS: Field by Towers I parking lot catches on fire

Police are still investigating the incident.