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BYU-I’m Single

It's no secret: dating is a struggle here.

BYU-I dos and don’ts

Cole Ratcliffe, a marriage and family professor at BYU-Idaho, launched a website about the Rexburg dating culture with a few of his students in 2017.

Students share the most absurd thing they’ve done to get a date

These people went to great lengths to ask someone out, and it worked.

Digital dating: a swipe to the right

More recent digital dating apps and websites, rather than finding great matches for people, end up becoming a "judges panel" where self-worth is measured by outward appearance alone.

Hangin’ ain’t datin’

This article was written by Dustin Wagner To date or to hang? That is the question many BYU-Idaho students find themselves pondering when seeing someone...

Keep your relationships off social media

I love social media. Social media is awesome. But it’s not awesome for romantic relationships. In the past few years, I’ve heard people say more and...

Short-term damage, long-term healing

Most of the time, asking me for dating advice is similar to asking a mechanic for ballet lessons; you’re asking the wrong guy and...

Get out of the dugout and back in the game

When things don’t go as expected, many people feel tempted to take themselves out of the dating game completely. However, this may result in...

BYU-I ’Do’: pressures of marriage considered

Whether it is time to exclusively focus on school studies, take a break from dating, or to find that special person, cultural differences and...

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EDITORIAL: All caffeine, no campus — a deeper look at caffeine at BYU-Idaho

BYU-I's refusal to sell any caffeinated products does not match student consumer habits or current Church teachings — we at Scroll request a policy redaction.

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes contend with COVID-19

Twenty-one deaths due to COVID-19 have been reported from the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes in Fort Hall, Idaho.

Living with mental illness as a BYU-I student

Putting on a face to appear strong has become my new normal.