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Student’s guide to surviving the Testing Center

Get a free fast pass to avoid the lines at the Testing Center

WATCH: Testing Center lines already long, and it’s only week five

The Testing Center begins remotely proctored exams as lines for the center are already long.

Students create Testing Center horror movie

https://www.facebook.com/austinmichaelblair/videos/10159641229025456/ Written by Madison Weaver. Fourteen hours ago, Austin Blair posted a video on Facebook. As of 2:30 p.m. today, the video, "Terror in the Testing Center,"...

New testing center strategies and technologies promise to cut lines for finals week

The Fall Semester 2016 set a record for lines for the testing center.

WATCH: What are the testing center lines like during finals week?

5249373001001 Video by Garrett Elton We went and asked students how long they had been waiting, starting at the back of the line.  “About 10  minutes now,”...

BYU-I servers’ connectivity issues affect Testing Center

The servers went down campus-wide, causing a major hold up in the testing center and forcing lines to reach approximately 60 people long.

Students remember Spring semester’s flash flood

Apartments affected by the flood of Spring semester 2014 are newly renovated and occied at Birchwood I. Nell Adams, a sophomore studying General Studies, said...

Tablets to be introduced to testing center

This semester, the Testing Center will be bringing in 30 tablets to help prepare students for a transition that will be making all future...

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