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What went down with MC Sports Late Night

Sports in the Crossroads?

Senior Showcase is back

Learn where to see the Communication Department's senior projects.

The power of prayer

In his devotional address, Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita spoke on how one can enhance daily prayers and the blessings that come from doing so.

IBC group scratches boredom away

Scratch dares BYU-Idaho students in Rexburg to have more fun.

Danicakes brings Europe to BYU-Idaho

The IBC group Danicakes brings a Danish snack to BYU-Idaho.

IBC company finds success with BYU-I’s highest-voted snack

Twisted Pretzelz brings BYU-Idaho's highest-voted snack to students.

Official notice: SAP update

BYU-Idaho released an official notice regarding an update on the current SAP policy.

Registration ‘need to knows’ for Winter 2023

A successful semester can start with a stress-free registration, especially for Winter 2023.

One Heart — One Mind — One Faith

With unity in mind, ELEVATE: An Interdisciplinary Competition for Social Change comes together to fix societal problems and strive for change.

Following a daughter’s example

Dean Allen prepares to speak to students and faculty at devotional.

Rexburg City Council approves new city brand guidelines

There are exciting things ahead for the branding of "America's Family Community."

Increased living costs threaten to leave BYU-I students’ bank accounts dry

BYU-Idaho students grapple with the increased cost of living as they attend school.

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Three, two, one … light the tree! Maybe?

Here's what you missed at the campus Christmas event and tree-lighting program on Thursday.

Dalton Parkinson premieres short film ‘Below’ at Senior Showcase

The Communication Department Senior Showcase gave students like Dalton Parkinson the opportunity to demonstrate the growth and talents gained during their time at BYU-Idaho.

BYU-I students feel charity as they understand religious diversity

With the variety of students and backgrounds at BYU-I, Religion 100 offers opportunities for sharing religious beliefs.

Thanksgiving unto the Savior

Thanksgiving is an opportunity for us to grow in our capacity to show gratitude for many things, including our Savior.