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PHOTO GALLERY: A listen into the jams on campus

We see it everyday and sometimes we’re a part of it: scattered amongst the campus herds are pairs of headphones popped into ears, what song are they listening to right now?

Investment Society awarded $5 million to invest

BYU-Idaho students in the Investment Society have an opportunity to invest $5 million after a loan from the university.

BYU-Idaho hosts Worldwide Devotional with Elder Patrick Kearon and Sister Kearon

Elder Patrick Kearon and Sister Kearon gave a devotional addressed young adults worldwide.

Student growth leads to campus construction

Construction is underway on the BYU-Idaho campus. During the spring semester, routes to the Hinckley and all of Sage Street and First West between...

Workshop offered for animation fans

A student at BYU-Idaho created a workshop to help other animation enthusiasts prepare for their dream jobs. Joe Olsen, a junior at BYU-I studying art,...

Road rage increases with student population

Road rage and aggressive driving are becoming an increasing problem at BYU-Idaho as the student population grows and becomes denser, said Garth Gunderson the...

Student Emmy Awards awarded to Soapbox Agency

Soapbox Creative Agency, a student-run advertising practicum on campus, was awarded two Student Emmy Awards in the Northwest Regional College Student Awards for Excellence...

Rexburg laptop theft increases

Theft of high-priced technology items across the United States has increased over the last several years. Capt. Randy Lewis of the Rexburg Police said the...

Secrets suggest wrongdoing in NSA

Public criticism and controversy has been ignited yet again after news organizations recently informed Americans that U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting...

Bikes found on Snow

Two bikes were found on the roof of the Eliza R. Snow Building June 17. According to Garth Gunderson, University Security Director, the security office...

Library offers free mobile phone apps

Students and faculty at BYU-Idaho can now access free Library Resource Apps with the mobile option feature on the David O. McKay Library website. Matthew...

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Sports activities on the rise

As restrictions ease and case numbers fall, sports activities are increasing in number.

Blood saves lives

Are you too scared of needles? Do you not see the point in being a part of the donating process?

Devotional preview: 4 ways to live a happier life

In her devotional, Kristin Ballou will discuss the importance of trusting in the Lord and share four suggestions to live a happier life.

Rexburg celebrates the new federal holiday, Juneteenth

Find out why hundreds celebrated at Porter Park on June 19.