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Fake news: A not-so-fake problem

In this day and age, many Americans are worried about made-up news.

In an emergency, what happens next?

Preparation for emergencies can make all the difference.

WATCH: University Store implementing new policy after seeing increase in thefts

Shoplifting has become a bigger problem at the BYU-Idaho University Store in the last three semesters than ever before.

News language evolves with the digital age

News is becoming more and more focused on personal stories rather than cold, hard facts.

The Equality Act at BYU-Idaho

What you need to know about the Equality Act and its potential effect.

Studying by day, fighting fires by night

Parker Dial is a firefighter with the Madison fire department on top of being a BYU-Idaho student.

Have you heard? Netflix Is Getting a Sound Revamp

High-quality, studio-grade audio is going to be hitting Netflix's proverbial shelves very soon.

Illustrating the ‘unsung heroes’ of the Book of Mormon

To bring attention to and support the beauty of the Book of Mormon, Book of Mormon Central is hosting an annual art contest.

The search is on for the Madison Fire Department

Live-in firefighters are wanted at the Madison Fire Station, and they're searching specifically for BYU-Idaho students.

OPINION: Taylor Swift is not overrated

Even 13 years after her first album, Taylor Swift continually breaks her own records and sets new precedents for the music industry.

Majors in the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering

There are quite a few choices of majors when looking at the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering.

College of Physical Sciences and Engineering- Societies

For students in the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering, there are plenty of societies to choose from.

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85 runners race in Teton Dam Marathon

Runners participate in full marathon, half, 10k, 5k and kids run.

Armanda Ago: Adapting to her new life in America

Armanda is a non member from Albania who has high expectations for herself as she adapts to living in America.

What is Scroll?

Find out what the Scroll is all about.

Column: Working as an arborist. How was it?

While I was working with the grounds crew, I learned so many things, from tree climbing to tree removal.