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BYU-I’m Single: It’s a thing

Truth is, dating at college can be frustrating and different from your expectations. Every student has issues or questions about this. So, we made a dating column called “BYU-I’m Single.”

BYU-I’m Single: Times have changed

The dating game has changed since our parents were dating. In college, my dad would go on a date with a different girl every weekend and that was the norm. If you did that now-a-days, you would be called a player.

Scrollback: The need of a strong faith in God in 2018

“Sacrifice and tribulations, which are producers of great faith, have ever been the lot of the followers of God.”

The start of the school newspaper tradition

The Student Rays was the first newspaper of Ricks College, published in 1905 and holds the emotions of the students in their pages

Elder D. Todd Christofferson to speak at Fall Commencement

Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will speak at the BYU-Idaho Fall 2018 commencement ceremony on Wednesday, Dec.19, according...

BYU-I’m Single: Mutually confused

Mutual, Tinder, Bumble — all great and potentially dangerous. Students at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) are working on creating a safe dating app called LUX.

BYU-I’m Single: What dating sounds like now

Six new dating terms you're bound to hear on campus.

BYU-I’m Single: The Evolution of Dating

I took a look at earlier editions of the paper. They had a lot to say about dating.

Slam poet speaks against pornography

Joshua Peters wrote a poem of his pornography addiction. It has now reached over 10,000 views

BYU-I’m Single: Too Much Talk

Ever wonder what a girl does after a first date? How about a guy?

BYU-I’m Single: A date to remember

First dates are too stressful. Chill out.

BYU-I’m Single

It's no secret: dating is a struggle here.

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Upcoming film festival highlights student work

The Snake River Film Festival is a great place to see some of the quality work BYU-Idaho video students have created.

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