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BYU-I’m Single: Times have changed

The dating game has changed since our parents were dating. In college, my dad would go on a date with a different girl every weekend and that was the norm. If you did that now-a-days, you would be called a player.

BYU-I’m Single: Mutually confused

Mutual, Tinder, Bumble — all great and potentially dangerous. Students at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) are working on creating a safe dating app called LUX.

BYU-I’m Single: What dating sounds like now

Six new dating terms you're bound to hear on campus.

BYU-I’m Single: The Evolution of Dating

I took a look at earlier editions of the paper. They had a lot to say about dating.

Married students give dating advice

What dating advice can young single adults get from married couples?

I seriously like you, so let’s get serious

Relationships can be a lot of fun and laughter, but there comes a point when every couple needs to start hashing out the serious stuff. The question of the hour is: when is the best time to start asking those serious questions?

Is it being outgoing or flirtatious?

Are men at BYU-Idaho more attracted to girls who are flirty, outgoing and confident?

Princesses can ask princes out, too

For those that wonder if it is appropriate and possible for a girl to ask out a guy, it totally is, according to lovepanky.com.

What’s “in” about asking someone out?

The process of asking someone out can be fun and exciting while also nerve-wracking. The good news is that there seems to be no right or wrong way — it’s just an adventure of trial and error.

How to make a first date less awkward

The first date can be nerve wracking, especially when deciding what to do, but it doesn't need to feel like an interview.

Laughing for love

Laughter makes the world go round, but how does it affect you and your dating life?

How to balance date nights and diapers

Australian model Rachael Finch has received a lot of criticism this month for her and her husband's tradition of spending every weekend child-free, according to the Huffington Post.

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