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Dissension: Guns don’t pull their own triggers, people do

With all the mass shootings happening in the United States, there must be a solution, but the solution is not banning guns.

Dissension: Keep everything in context

In 2017 alone, the people in the U.S. visited 27.9 billion media piracy sites, making our country the most frequent visitor of these illegal sites, according to Statista.

Dissension: Respect the flag, as well as the first amendment

While the first amendment protects our rights of speech and protest, we need to respect the American Flag

Dissension: Dare to stand for what is right

“Dare to stand alone” was never meant to be interpreted as “dare to stand back and let something happen.” When President Thomas S. Monson shared that memorable message, he challenged us to stand out from the rest of the world.

Dissension: Do not target all men

Instead of generalizing men, we should encourage men to help educate the future on how to prevent such crimes from happening. We need to recognize that not all men are like Weinstein.

Dissension: Stop feeding the beast

It’s easy to talk about preserving the natural beauty of America. “Protect the trees!” “Think of the cute cuddly bears.” “They just want to destroy the land for more oil!” But let’s get some perspective.

Dissension: Politics isn’t about parties

We all have our own opinions of what is the right and wrong way to spend money, and we, the people, were the ones responsible for electing the official that enforced said money spending.

Dissension: Right and wrong is still a thing

While, it is never clearly stated, the insinuation throughout the entire editorial is that to be “inclusive” we must accept homosexual behavior in entertainment and in life as perfectly normal.

DISSENSION: Political associations have no place at BYU-I

While students should have the right to learn about, and debate politics while at BYU-I, we cannot forget that BYU-I is a school representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

DISSENSION: Bullying doesn’t work

This week’s editorial is just another example of bullying from climate change devotees. Not only does it insult an enormous portion of the American people, it is based in half-truths and clever manipulations of data.

Obama’s family only looks perfect

President Obama is leaving office. Big whoop. Just because Obama is leaving does not mean those of us who have opposed the president and his policies...

DISSENSION: it’s not racial indifferences we need to embrace, it’s love

Blaming it on race or police brutality is not the problem. The real issue is hate. We have devolved into a society that doesn't value the life of our brothers and sisters. Here is what you can do to make society better.

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