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BYU-I students feel charity as they understand religious diversity

With the variety of students and backgrounds at BYU-I, Religion 100 offers opportunities for sharing religious beliefs.

How do BYU-I students celebrate Mardi Gras and Carnival?

Mardi Gras and Carnival are even celebrated in Rexburg amongst BYU-Idaho students.

The present and future of Black History Month at BYU-Idaho

Black History Month holds a special place in students' and faculty's hearts at BYU-Idaho.

Making the move from Ghana to Idaho

What is it like to be an international student at BYU-Idaho?

College is opening eyes and changing minds

BYU-Idaho students are coming to college and breaking down boundaries of race and ethnicity.

6 Months as chief inclusion officer

"We can’t expect for discrimination and the ugliness of racism to go away by not talking about it."

Fundraiser helps LDS youth attend Church schools

This fundraiser will send Latter-day Saint youth to schools such as BYU-Idaho.

BYU-I appoints chief inclusion officer

"I want to hear them. I want them to set up appointments. I want them to write me. I want them to tell me their story."

Corners of the world converge at BYU-Idaho

Experience performances from around the world at Cultural Night.

A step towards cultural diversity

The Oscars encourage cultural diversity one award at a time.

Study shows mixed feelings about diversity in hiring

A new study provides insights on positive feelings about diversity but shows that implementation of practices might not be as welcome.

BYU-Idaho’s Culture Diversity lights up the stage

Students celebrate their cultures from around the world through singing and dancing.

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Shirley Weekes: ‘Be ye therefore perfect’

In her devotional message, Shirley Weekes spoke on perfection, the pressure that comes with it and how one may overcome it.

What would Rexburg look like without BYU-I?

Without BYU-Idaho and its students, the city of Rexburg would look a lot different.

Rapper Staz the Hokage takes on Rexburg

Staz the Hokage shares his love for hip-hop with Rexburg.

Flourish Point closes its doors

It's a new era for Rexburg's Flourish Point — on Dec. 1, the organization made the transition to a website-only resource.