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The spirit of Ricks has friends this time of year

On Tuesday, Oct. 31, one could walk into the MC and notice Thor, fairies from Fairly OddParents and multiple takes of the many characters...

Costumes on Campus: BYU-Idaho students dress up for Halloween

Students dressed in costumes ranging from iconic comic book characters, such as Wolverine, to inanimate objects like a Crayola crayon. "I picked the Joker because...

Masquerade ball glides out of 1700s

Students danced the night away at the Masquerade Ball held in both the John W. Hart Building and the MC Grand Ballroom Oct. 17. According...

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Senior showcase: Paige Cole

Senior Paige Cole talks about ACEs and the need for personal growth.

Devotional cover: Trusting God in all circumstances

In his devotional address, Shawn Andreasen discussed the importance of trusting in God, even when blessings don't come as expected.

Rexburg prepares for Thanksgiving morning

A 40-year-old tradition will bring locals together to enjoy Thanksgiving and beautiful music.

Creating memories one recipe at a time

BYU-Idaho students share a few of their favorite dishes and memories from past Thanksgivings.