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COLUMN: Ghouls and goblins, oh my!

Halloween is the best holiday, and it's not up for debate.

This isn’t the college life they imagined

Two first semester freshmen detail their college experience in the middle of a pandemic.

A BYU-Idaho guide to halloween

A comprehensive list of Halloween activities in Rexburg.

The outdoors are calling

Outdoor Activities invites students to join in the various activities they have planned for fall semester.

Nonprofit water park is splashing its way to Rexburg

"We believe by pulling together as a community in both private support, tax deductible donations, grants and generous loans, that this can be a reality."

Watch your step: Slipping on ice can lead to injury

Slipping on ice might be more dangerous than you thought.

Hauntings in Rexburg this Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. BYU-Idaho students can find a variety of activities to do in Rexburg and on campus to celebrate this annual holiday.

WATCH: Favorite fall FHE activities

BYU-Idaho students share some of their favorite fall semester FHE activities.

Day trips to take this fall

Next time you are thinking about a Netflix binge, consider these day trips instead.

Rick’s gardens plan for preservation

BYU-Idaho students work hard to maintain the Thomas E. Ricks Demonstration Gardens

The Weekly Image: Looking back at the first week of school

The first week of school comes with mixed emotions over new classes, new roommates and a new year. BYU-Idaho opened the new Science and Technology...

A Change of Scenery: What Students Missed Over the Break

Over the seven week break, thousands of students headed home and will return to some changes both on and off campus for Fall Semester 2016. BYU-Idaho...

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Police log: From gift card creepers to bedroom peepers

Police took a report of fingerprints found outside a bedroom window.

Balance only the gifted will know

Rolling wheels? More like falling heels.

Devotional cover: How to overcome the ‘mountains’ in our lives

Elder Jeremy R. Jaggi, a General Authority Seventy, and his wife, Amy Jaggi, shared a message of hope during devotional.

Breaking news: Kyler Miskin, Rexburg drive-by shooter, sentenced to 5-year incarceration

Kyler Miskin appeared before Judge Boyce who sentenced him according to the felony crime of a Rexburg drive-by shooting in 2020.