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Is a car loan worth it?

Get feedback to know if a car loan is a smart idea for students.

Searching for jobs in Rexburg

How to find part-time work on and off-campus.

Savvy saving tips from a fellow student

Simple ways to find deals and save money as a student in Rexburg.

Rising costs and declining confidence: A look at higher education

Gallup suggests the rising cost and decreasing availability of higher education might be the reason the public, college trustees and board members are losing confidence.

Americans feel positive about finances, study shows

Most Americans feel good about their finances and that they are getting better.

Optimism for the economy rises around the world

Pew Research Center found a median of 46 percent believe their nation’s economies are doing well.

Excuses do not make a marriage work

Did you know that more millennial married couples are choosing to keep their bank accounts separate than baby boomer married couples?

New insights to the LDS Church’s finances

Bishop Caussé explained how the Church uses it's finances.

Millennials prone to financial woes

Millennials face different sorts of struggles; one of which being finances.

Find a temporary job during your break

For students staying during the seven-week break or for those who are going to be off-track next semester, there are temporary job opportunities available...

Choose to invest while in school

Setting aside money and budgeting is always recommended while in college. Investing further compliments these financial principles by helping students prepare their finances for...

Set a reliable budget to save money for your future needs

It is no secret that college students are not rich. Many of us struggle to make ends meet, especially if our parents prefer that...

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Rexburg prepares for Thanksgiving morning

A 40-year-old tradition will bring locals together to enjoy Thanksgiving and beautiful music.

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