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In an emergency, what happens next?

Preparation for emergencies can make all the difference.

Madison county flooding designated a state disaster

Corey Child, Madison County Fire Chief and Emergency Manager said in a statement access to areas affected by the road washouts are difficult to access by first responders and poses a great threat to the public.

Floodwater damages Houston Temple

The raise in floodwater after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas damaged the Houston Texas Temple on August 28.

WATCH: Teton Dam Marathon 41 years after flood

Before reaching their final destination, runners charted a winding 26-mile course through and around Newdale, Teton and Sugar City.

Male students forced to live in women’s housing after flood

“There was water coming down from the ceiling, the fixtures, the outlets, the light switches and just anywhere it could come out,” Geist said. “We all just huddled in one room that was dry and slept there.”

Rexburg to receive a foot of snow

Written by Jordan Henrie The National Weather Service has issued flood alerts, winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings to the East Idaho region after...

2016 marks 40th anniversary of the Teton Dam Flood

2016 marks 40th anniversary of the Teton Dam Flood

Broken Water Line Shuts Down Roads

A sink hole near South 1st East Street in Rexburg, Idaho caused a broken waterline and minor flooding yesterday. Crews have blocked traffic from entering and are working on the road. Continue to follow this story as it develops.

Citizens Reflect on Teton Dam Flood

4350335069001   June 5 marked the anniversary of the Teton Dam flood that occurred almost 40 years ago. Over 80 billion gallons of water wiped out Sugar City and...

Residents discuss flood one year later

July 15, 2014, Rexburg experienced a heavy downfall of rain that resulted in a major flood. Alisa Fye, a Rexburg resident, said there was approximately...

Broken pipe floods apartments at NorthPoint

Five men apartments flooded at NorthPoint late Friday night. Apartments 2502, 2402, 2302 and 2102 were all damaged. Trent VanderSloot, one of the managers of North Point,...

Students remember Spring semester’s flash flood

Apartments affected by the flood of Spring semester 2014 are newly renovated and occied at Birchwood I. Nell Adams, a sophomore studying General Studies, said...

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Footage shows The Cove apartment intruder was also at the Cedars

Police find footage of The Cove apartment intruder at the Cedars women's apartment complex the same morning.

Retired BYU-I professor passes away

Jacque Weekes, a retired BYU-Idaho professor, died on April 29.

Students find beauty and creativity in poetry

Poetry is a "dying art" that lives on through the passions of many students at the poetry workshop.

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