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Wisdom and guidance from professors of BYU-Idaho

Are you struggling to find answers to some of life's questions? Read the advice of two committed professors here at BYU-Idaho.

BYU-Idaho experiences growing enrollment numbers

BYU-Idaho released its fall semester enrollment numbers.

OPINION: Seek out conflict

Why would anyone want to seek conflict?

Spring enrollment numbers continue to show growth

For the Spring 2019 Semester, statistics released by University Relations show 15,322 students are enrolled for on-campus courses. Additionally, 4,966 campus-based students are taking online courses or completing internships out of the area, bringing the total to 20,388 campus-based students.

Let’s not be afraid of embracing change

Hellen Keller once said, “A bend in the road is not the end of the road ... Unless you fail to make the turn.”

Student Enrollment Soars to New Heights

New enrollment reports indicate high student enrollment at BYU-Idaho.

Lending a Hand

The weekly meeting that changes lives

BYU-Idaho opens Science and Technology Center

BYU-Idaho's new Science and Technology Center was recently opened for students.

On-campus and online enrollment higher than last year

Official enrollment for Winter Semester 2016, both online and on-campus, has reached an all-time high. The total campus enrollment for Winter Semester 2016 has increased...

Strive to be financially independent

For many students, the thought of breaking away from the safe and certain financial sport of their parents can be a daunting realization. According to...

Plans spur growth

As BYU-Idaho grows, faculty members are making preparations to grow with it. President Kim B. Clark has requested that all university employees have some professional...

Fall enrollment statistics: more students enrolled than before

As BYU-Idaho faces changes, the university continues to increase its enrollment. Fall 2012 Semester has 16,773 on-track and off-track students who are currently living in...

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Chick-fil-A reopens for business

Want waffle fries?

Devotional preview: Keys to happiness

LuWana Roberts will talk about finding happiness during Fall Semester 2021's third devotional.

Rexburg City Council and residents debate financing for sidewalk, street and gutter replacements

A special city council meeting generated debate between Rexburg residents and local leaders over the cost of local street improvements.

COLUMN: Celebrate National Punctuation Day by learning these 7 obsolete marks

Before emojis made sentences sarcastic or ironic, that was punctuation’s job.