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Around town: On the way, we saw a moose

Looking at the men uniformed in jerseys, pads, gloves, helmets, mustaches and mullets, their unruly manner seemed anything but graceful until their skates met the ice.

Students pick U.S. highlights of the 2018 Winter Olympics

This year's Winter Olympics made way for many legendary moments and exciting wins for Team USA.

He Shoots! He Scores! Floor Hockey Returns to BYU-Idaho

It’s a game that’s usually played on ice; players wearing helmets, ice skates, and protective pads. While ice hockey is played with a small...

Shoot, Fire, Aim wins floor hockey title

On Wednesday, March 28, the Chiefs and Shoot, Fire, Aim played in the championship game for floor hockey. Shoot, Fire, Aim won the contest 11-9,...

Floor Hockey returns to Rec Sports

Rec Sports will offer a floor hockey league after lack of interest forced them to discontinue the league two semesters ago. “When we took  away,...

Rec Sports restricts hockey equipment rentals

Floor hockey equipment is no longer available for rent to students at the BYU-Idaho center. Access to this equipment has required students to organize a...

Construction plans could be a game changer

Baseball and hockey may be removed from the sports schedule until 2013 because of the construction of a new agricultural building. A new agricultural...

Prioritizing School Coaching Playing

Whistles are blowing. Coaches are yelling. Teammates are shouting for the ball. Two assignments and a test are on the schedule for the following...

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Sports activities on the rise

As restrictions ease and case numbers fall, sports activities are increasing in number.

Blood saves lives

Are you too scared of needles? Do you not see the point in being a part of the donating process?

Devotional preview: 4 ways to live a happier life

In her devotional, Kristin Ballou will discuss the importance of trusting in the Lord and share four suggestions to live a happier life.

Rexburg celebrates the new federal holiday, Juneteenth

Find out why hundreds celebrated at Porter Park on June 19.