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How to train for a marathon

Can you run the distance like this inspiring local? Follow along with these helpful tips and tricks on how you can accomplish this too.

Sprint for your goals

A new runners group has come to campus for experienced and new runners.

Letter to the Editor: Success only comes when you put your mind over hurt

Letter to the editor written by Sam Richardson This past Saturday, I ran my first ultramarathon! After an exhausting eight hours and 41 minutes of...

BYU-I student accomplishes his lifelong dream

A local student has achieved his dreams of winning the Teton Dam Marathon.

WATCH: Teton Dam Marathon 41 years after flood

Before reaching their final destination, runners charted a winding 26-mile course through and around Newdale, Teton and Sugar City.

Teacher’s life changes with marathons

Not too long ago Nathan Meeker almost needed to take medication for high blood pressure and was close to bumping his pant size ...

Teton Dam Marathon Reaches Out to Boston Tragedy Victims

On April 15 of this year, the Boston Marathon was brought to a halt by an act of terrorism that resulted in the death...

Runners flood streets for dam marathon

Over 500 racers took their places at the starting line at the Teton Dam Marathon outside of Rexburg June 8. Every year, hundreds of BYU-Idaho...

Scroll Digital Update May 23, 2013

On this edition of Scroll Digital, we'll learn what students from Oklahoma have to say about the devastating tornado. We'll also find out how...

Students participate in campus 5K run

Students participated in the 5K run on June 2. “Usually we have a very good turn out of about 30 to 50 people every semester,”...

Runners In It For The Long Haul At The Teton Dam Marathon

In early June of every year, thousands of runners from all over gather the world in Rexburg, Idaho to run in the Teton Dam...

Racing In The Teton Dam Marathon

    The annual Teton Dam Marathon took place this past weekend, and is a major event for the Rexburg community and surrounding areas. The Marathon...

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Footage shows The Cove apartment intruder was also at the Cedars

Police find footage of The Cove apartment intruder at the Cedars women's apartment complex the same morning.

Retired BYU-I professor passes away

Jacque Weekes, a retired BYU-Idaho professor, died on April 29.

Students find beauty and creativity in poetry

Poetry is a "dying art" that lives on through the passions of many students at the poetry workshop.

5 life lessons that can be learned from improv comedy

Comic Frenzy is all fun and games, but important life lessons can be learned from improv comedy.