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Opinion: True crime leaves harmful impressions on society

True crime shows ultimately do more harm than good. They damage mental health, exploit victims and glorify criminals.

COLUMN: How a satirical telenovela got me through 2020

Jane the Virgin's twists, turns, humor and heart make it worth every episode.

Netflix producing live action ‘Hello, Universe’ movie

Check out the details on Netflix's upcoming movie "Hello, Universe," produced by Forest Whitaker.

College expectations vs. reality

As the end of the semester approaches, first-semester freshmen talk about their expectations of college and what they didn't expect.

LISTEN: Happy Face Hamilton

Alumnus Comedian Ryan Hamilton comes to campus to perform his stand-up comedy routine.

Inflation makes prices higher, but the broke can resist being poorer

"Live poor now so you don’t have unnecessary debt you have to pay off when you graduate and get a job in your desired career field"

People React to Stranger Things: Spoilers

For those waiting on season three, here are some tweets you might be able to relate to.

I still want justice for Barb

The Duffer Brothers released season 2 of Stranger Things on Friday, Oct. 27, and the Internet is freaking out – along with the show’s...

5 Stranger Things season two clues

On Oct. 27, the second season of Stranger Things premieres on Netflix, leaving only two weeks to binge-watch the first season for the first -- or eleventh -- time and join the show's fan club.

Netflix price hike may leave some viewers running

BYU-Idaho students use the video streaming service Netflix on a daily basis. However, many may be reconsidering their viewing options for their favorite movies and TV shows after an increase in price.

VidAngel’s battle experiences set back

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld an injunction against VidAngel, on August 24.

The rise of binge watching

4344838560001   With the advent of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and others, studio producers and directors have opted to move away from episodic design. Instead, series...

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Shirley Weekes: ‘Be ye therefore perfect’

In her devotional message, Shirley Weekes spoke on perfection, the pressure that comes with it and how one may overcome it.

What would Rexburg look like without BYU-I?

Without BYU-Idaho and its students, the city of Rexburg would look a lot different.

Rapper Staz the Hokage takes on Rexburg

Staz the Hokage shares his love for hip-hop with Rexburg.

Flourish Point closes its doors

It's a new era for Rexburg's Flourish Point — on Dec. 1, the organization made the transition to a website-only resource.