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City fees, Christmas trees and more from the City Council

Local leaders emphasize the importance of citizen involvement in the upcoming public hearing.

Reimagining the future of Rexburg

Government leaders and community members envision the future of Rexburg culturally and financially.

City council reveals plans for a new park

Teton River Park will be the 10th park in the city of Rexburg.

Citizens raise concerns over garbage truck noises

Rexburg City Council heard from the Public Works Department during their meeting.

Citizens speak up and speak out for Rexburg’s future

Rexburg's City Council announced plans to build more apartments and other plans to improve the city.

City Council meeting sparks discussion of Rexburg’s future

A behind the scenes look at the city council meeting Wednesday.

Museum of Rexburg plans city’s 183 birthday

Rexburg City Council discusses quilt exhibit for Rexburg's 183 birthday.

Booting laws: The changes are coming

The Rexburg City Council decided after a meeting on July 19 to allow booting on private parking lots.

Too early to celebrate? Booting laws changing in Idaho

On July 5, at the Rexburg City Council meeting, Madison County Deputy Prosecutor Rob Wood gave a presentation regarding booting and the amending of...

City Council debates responses to traffic

The Rexburg City Council suggested that police officers be placed on BYU-I campus as a method of controlling traffic, during the city council meeting...

Tennis courts to be ready at end of May

After being unavailable so far this spring, the tennis courts at Porter Park will be ready for play by the end of this month,...

New bill permits the sale of beer and wine on Sundays

April 15, The Rexburg City Council passed a bill that permits restaurants in the city to sell beer and wine on Sundays. Prior to the...

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Three, two, one … light the tree! Maybe?

Here's what you missed at the campus Christmas event and tree-lighting program on Thursday.

Dalton Parkinson premieres short film ‘Below’ at Senior Showcase

The Communication Department Senior Showcase gave students like Dalton Parkinson the opportunity to demonstrate the growth and talents gained during their time at BYU-Idaho.

BYU-I students feel charity as they understand religious diversity

With the variety of students and backgrounds at BYU-I, Religion 100 offers opportunities for sharing religious beliefs.

Thanksgiving unto the Savior

Thanksgiving is an opportunity for us to grow in our capacity to show gratitude for many things, including our Savior.