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Tag: Shelby Delbridge

Try these outdoor activities in and around Rexburg

Get out with your roommates this weekend with one of these seven outdoor activities.

Connect with your niche: Featuring the Education Society

Students from the Education Society give insight to what it is like to have major specific connections outside of the classroom.

BYU-I’s Got Talent: Bringing the audience to their feet

BYU-I's Got talent presented many student talents on Friday night. The crowd roared as they watched their fellow classmates perform.

Ground broken in Pocatello for a new temple

“This might be the largest gathering of local faith leaders ever assembled for an event like this.”

Meal steals across campus: A guide to campus food joints

Have you ever been "hangry" in the middle of class and ready to dive into a nice hot plate of food? Maybe you don't have too walk too far to find it.

PHOTO GALLERY: The man behind the Career Fair poster

They have been seen all over campus and many are still wondering who is on the Career Fair posters.

Remaining optimistic by following the prophet’s counsel

Gary Adna Ames urges students to heed the words of the prophets.

PHOTO GALLERY: A listen into the jams on campus

We see it everyday and sometimes we’re a part of it: scattered amongst the campus herds are pairs of headphones popped into ears, what song are they listening to right now?

PHOTO GALLERY: Inspiration from Kira Bradford’s closet

While many college students are saving to pay for college, one student finds a way to pay for both college and a pair of $700 shoes.

College Cribs: Comfort away from home

BYU-Idaho students share how they make apartments feel like home.

French student finds cultural and religious adventure in Rexburg

International student from France makes the best of challenging differences in culture and religion.

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Chick-fil-A reopens for business

Want waffle fries?

Devotional preview: Keys to happiness

LuWana Roberts will talk about finding happiness during Fall Semester 2021's third devotional.

Rexburg City Council and residents debate financing for sidewalk, street and gutter replacements

A special city council meeting generated debate between Rexburg residents and local leaders over the cost of local street improvements.

COLUMN: Celebrate National Punctuation Day by learning these 7 obsolete marks

Before emojis made sentences sarcastic or ironic, that was punctuation’s job.