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POLICE LOG: Firearm found in port-a-potty

Reported missing person was found to be in jail in Wyoming.

WATCH: Teton Dam Marathon 41 years after flood

Before reaching their final destination, runners charted a winding 26-mile course through and around Newdale, Teton and Sugar City.

Six Sweet Date Ideas

As Valentines day approaches many of us don't know what to do with our sweetheart. Here are a cole ideas that will make for...

Rexburg veterans remember service

  Local citizens and veterans attended the fifth annual Veterans Day Memorial Ceremony, held Nov. 11 in Smith Park. The ceremony included a wreath-laying on the...

Bottle Rockets Launch from Smith Park

The mechanical engineering department held an explosive event in October. From veteran builders, to newbies, the bottle rocket competition proved to be a fun...

Bottle rockets launched at Smith Park

Members of ASME at BYU-I created bottle rockets in a variety of styles, sizes and designs to see whose rocket would shoot the highest,...

Reading in the Park

When you visit the park on Thursdays, you will find a scholarly addition to the scenery. The Madison County Library has restarted their Book...

Relax in the parks

Free time is valuable for students, and in a small town, it can be hard to find something to do. However, there are endless...

Teton Dam Marathon Reaches Out to Boston Tragedy Victims

On April 15 of this year, the Boston Marathon was brought to a halt by an act of terrorism that resulted in the death...

Snowboarders grind rails at Smith Park

Some Idaho residents couldn’t wait for the ski and snowboarding season to start, so they attended the Sled Shed Rail Jam held at Smith...

Smith Park Jazz Concert

These are some pictures from the Smith Park Jazz Concert sponsered by Concerts in Smith Park. They will be hosting regular concerts at the...

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Footage shows The Cove apartment intruder was also at the Cedars

Police find footage of The Cove apartment intruder at the Cedars women's apartment complex the same morning.

Retired BYU-I professor passes away

Jacque Weekes, a retired BYU-Idaho professor, died on April 29.

Students find beauty and creativity in poetry

Poetry is a "dying art" that lives on through the passions of many students at the poetry workshop.

5 life lessons that can be learned from improv comedy

Comic Frenzy is all fun and games, but important life lessons can be learned from improv comedy.