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How to train for a marathon

Can you run the distance like this inspiring local? Follow along with these helpful tips and tricks on how you can accomplish this too.

COLUMN: Take it from a local: Top 3 places to visit around Rexburg

Students say Rexburg is boring, but have they ever met someone who grew up in Rexburg?

Museum of Rexburg plans city’s 183 birthday

Rexburg City Council discusses quilt exhibit for Rexburg's 183 birthday.

Natural disasters classes explore local disasters

Every semester, the natural disasters classes on campus take a field trip to explore and learn about some of the major disasters that have occurred right outside of Rexburg.

WATCH: Teton Dam Marathon 41 years after flood

Before reaching their final destination, runners charted a winding 26-mile course through and around Newdale, Teton and Sugar City.

2016 marks 40th anniversary of the Teton Dam Flood

2016 marks 40th anniversary of the Teton Dam Flood

Ricks aided community when dam broke

On June 5, 1976, 38 years ago, the Teton Dam broke and thousands of people were displaced as the floodwaters swallowed the streets of...

Students volunteer at dam marathon

The 11th annual Teton Dam Marathon will take place June 14. Tom Anderson, the race director and a member of the recreation department at Rexburg...

Romance theater is a local landmark

The Romance Theater, which will shut down temporarily for the summer, is one of the oldest structures in Rexburg, demonstrating the ability to stay...

Scroll Digital Update June 13, 2013

In this edition of Scroll Digital, Paige Schoengarth and Kevin Mohsenian tell us about The Voice's Chris Mann's visit to our campus, how you...

Teton Dam Marathon Reaches Out to Boston Tragedy Victims

On April 15 of this year, the Boston Marathon was brought to a halt by an act of terrorism that resulted in the death...

Dam participants run for Boston victims

Smith Park in the city of Rexburg was an important location for the Teton Dam Marathon June 8. The park served as the finish line...

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Upcoming film festival highlights student work

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