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Abandoning ship

It's unlike any other game of battleship you've played before.

Water warnings in Rexburg area

All water in Rexburg is safe for drinking after E. coli after a secondary check.

New Rexburg facility first in the US

The Rexburg Wastewater Department recently added a new facility to their plant that will begin operation in a few weeks, said Keith Davidson, Rexburg’s...

Slide the City Comes to Rexburg

Students and residents slid down a 1,000 foot slide on E 7th South in Rexburg, Idaho Saturday, June 25. Slide the City, a business that brings block...

Water Contamination May Leech Into Communities

Incidents of water contamination have been made public in the recent months and Idaho citizens as well as BYU-Idaho students should be aware of the effects.

Rexburg lifts water advisory restrictions

On Tuesday Nov. 3, Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) lifted the water advisory, which was issued on Friday.    The advisory was placed because of high...

Exercising in the water

  4344871174001   Exercising is important, but most students think of exercising as a land activity. However here on the BYU-Idaho campus students can exercise in the...

Students relieve stress on the Snake River

June 20, the Outdoor Resource Center hosted a paddle boarding activity on the Snake River. The ORC drove a van full of BYU-Idaho students to...

Corporate responsibility: Our time to make the rules

Los Angeles is moving to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour, according to CNBC. If minimum wage is raised and big businesses don’t change...

Students dive into scuba workshop

Outdoor Activities is beginning a scuba class. The classes start Feb. 25 in a classroom setting and the last class happens March 27 with...

New water wells to be built in Rexburg

Rexburg City Council has approved the plan to continue with the Water Facility Planning Study, which includes studying the water distribution systems and the...

Cooling Off With Water Kickball

As summer begins here in Rexburg, students have been looking for different ways to cool down. This past weekend at the Upper Fields of...

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Footage shows The Cove apartment intruder was also at the Cedars

Police find footage of The Cove apartment intruder at the Cedars women's apartment complex the same morning.

Retired BYU-I professor passes away

Jacque Weekes, a retired BYU-Idaho professor, died on April 29.

Students find beauty and creativity in poetry

Poetry is a "dying art" that lives on through the passions of many students at the poetry workshop.

5 life lessons that can be learned from improv comedy

Comic Frenzy is all fun and games, but important life lessons can be learned from improv comedy.