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Friday, the Oscar A. Kirkham Building opened its doors one last time to welcome students and community members.

Neihlee Muir, a member of the architecture and construction management service department and an alumna of BYU-Idaho, organized the sale.

“It is our responsibility to raise this building and then do the new construction in its place,” Muir said. Our goal here today with the sale is to remove everything from the building that has to be removed before we can demo it.”

For some, they came to bring home mementos for loved ones.

“Today we came back for my father-in-law because he danced here in the ’60s, and he wanted us to get one of those seats in the auditorium for him,” said Mary Sunderland, a BYU-I alumna.

For some, it was a chance to see if there was anything that could be useful.

With lots of furniture for sale, there was a good chance for people to find new furnishings.

“I was told that they were selling a lot of furniture, and I wanted to see if they had anything I wanted to pick up,” said Madison Simmons, a junior studying art.

The Kirkham has been a part of the community for the last 63 years, and during that time, many have been there for concerts and various events.

“What I really want is bricks when they tear the building down,” said Karen Blackham, a nursing professor on campus.


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