Every Tuesday from 7-8 p.m. an American Sign Language Workshop meets in the Gordon B. Hinckley Building, room 286.

Signs are learned and practiced weekly with those who are deaf, hard of hearing and hearing.

The workshop is led by four students who all sign and teach the new words. The class starts with a prayer that can either be signed or voiced. There is then a review of signs from the past workshops.

“My favorite part is everyone getting together, making a community and learning about ASL and the deaf community more,” said Hunter Fasteson, one of the lead instructors for the workshop.

ASL Workshop Leaders

ASL Workshop Leaders. Photo credit: Mallory Safsten

The more recent subjects the class focused on were food signs, church signs and animal signs.

Within each category, words are split up into different themes. The animal signs had themes of pets, farm animals, ocean animals and desert animals.

Throughout the lesson, there are tips and reminders given on how to remember signs and instructions given if there is more than one way to complete a sign.

Facial expressions are also emphasized while signing and holding hands as well as when finger spelling.

ASL Workshop Participants

ASL Workshop Participants. Photo credit: Mallory Safsten

“My favorite part is the games, but I like just learning a lot of words,” said Max Beltran, a freshman studying finance economics.

The latter half of the class is full of games to help students remember and practice the signs that were taught. Students play the telephone game to practice fingerspelling, along with having competitions to see how fast a participant can spell the alphabet in ASL.

This ASL group has been around for several years and was originally started by deaf and hard-of-hearing students who wanted to share and teach others how to sign.

Deaf and hearing students are all welcome to learn ASL together.

There is ASL translation on on campus, including broadcasted devotionals.