Article written by: Ashlyn Norris

Daisy Links Thrift Shop has heard the demand for all things Taylor Swift and will host Taylor Swift Eras karaoke night. Since the release of new music and Swift’s current Eras tour, the call for Swiftie events has sparked in the Rexburg area.

The event will be held at Daisy Links Thrift Shop, Friday, June 23 from 7-10 p.m.

“From the interaction we have received, we are expecting a large crowd,” said Rosie Kong, owner of the thrift shop.

Tickets can be purchased on the store’s website for $4.

Taylor Swift Eras karaoke night will include a dedicated wall for each of Swift’s eras, from guitars and cowboy boots for her debut era to pastels and butterflies for her “Lover” era.

Daisy Links Thrift Shop invites attendees to arrive dressed as their favorite version or era of Swift whether that be dark or edgy clothes for Reputation or a skater skirt for 1989. They also encourage attendees to bring friendship bracelets to trade with other Swifties. 

“We will be selling bracelets and we encourage people to bring their own friendship bracelets to trade,” Kong said.

More information can be found on Daisy Links Thrift Shop’s website and Instagram.