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Teacher Certification Seminar Comes to Rexburg

The American Board, is an organization that provides an alternative route to becoming a teacher. This program accepts people from all backgrounds, and even those who have no experience teaching and wish to make a career change. Cherri Sabala, the State Director, held two meetings at the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce demonstrating how anyone with a bachelor’s degree can take online courses through the American Board and become a certified teacher within a year.  We asked her to give us her experience with using the program and talked with some BYU-Idaho students.


“It was great. I was teacher of the year my second year of teaching, and added a second endorsement so I was a communications teacher as well, and worked in an alternative high school. I absolutely loved every minute of it.” says Sabala of her experience in using the program.


“I think it’s okay but we need to make sure they can teach, because we’ve all had bad teachers before, so getting your bachelor’s and teaching would be good as long as they teach you how to teach ,”  says Christopher Reynolds, a health science major.


“If it’s specific to something you know you want to be teaching, then yeah, I think it’s a good idea. I think it’s definitely doable and it’s a lot easier for people. Less schooling ,” says Dani Windham, a special education major.


The American Board certifies students from across the country to teach kindergarten through twelfth grade.

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