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Service activities can be found anywhere at BYU-Idaho, from special olympics, to adopting a grandparent. But for those apart of team madison however, its volunteering at the hospital. Team Madison recently held an event where they decorated teddy bears for new mothers.

We went to DI actually, and just got a whole bunch of them there. So its kind of my version of recycling I guess, and they’re like adorable and there’s tons of them there to choose from so it was awesome.

So is it just once a semester?

Its usually just a cole of times, it really depends on the managers and if there is enough time in the semester and if we can get a whole bunch of resources together.

Now decorating teddy bears isn’t the only thing team Madison does.

You volunteer three to four hours a week, so that’s what we also do, we volunteer in the hospital. And you can do from the gift shop, which is just standing there selling, and you can go to the ER room or help desk in the office just organizing papers

Now Service activities is a great way to get involved, while helping others.

Think about the big difference it can make, you know just one person can make a whole difference because that person is going to influence others.

Our information is on the service activities website, or you can just stop in the activities centre in the MC here and just ask about us.

From the MC this is Emily Sloan, Scroll Digital.

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