The BYU-Idaho competitive tennis season concludes their season July 11 with the Tennis Championship match.

“Tennis is different from other sports in that it is an individual sport,” said Diana Rodriguez, the tennis coordinator. “It’s different than what we usually watch on TV or go to games to watch.”

She said the championship matchup was decided in the playoffs that happened June 19 and 20.

The top two teams in the women’s singles and doubles, and in the men’s singles and doubles will play for the championship, Rodriguez said.

“The matches will be two out of three sets, with a 10-point tie break,” she said. “Whichever team gets the most matches won wins against the other team.”

A mixed doubles team is made up of two players, one male and one female, while men’s and women’s doubles teams are made up of two players of the same gender.

HAILEY THOMAS | Scroll Photography

HAILEY THOMAS | Scroll Photography

Blake Woodruff, a tennis coach for the Spartans said she saw a lot of improvement within her team during the semester, and that her team had many close matches.

Woodruff said the greatest aspect of coaching was seeing her team form a bond and learn to love the game.

“Seeing people improve and make a shot that they have been working on for a long time is the greatest feeling,” Woodruff said. “There is nothing quite like it, and I hope to continue to be able to help people reach their goals.”

Woodruff said coaching this semester transformed the way she views winning.

Winning is about having integrity and having a passion for the sport.

She said winning is thrilling, but it isn’t all about the win or loss column.

She said winning is about what was learned and is measured through personal growth.

“The biggest lesson we can learn from sports is that we need to work for what we want,” Woodruff said. “It is not handed to us. We can pray and plead all we want, however, nothing will happen until you put in all you have.”

Woodruff said winning is having goals and being able to check them off through the work to accomplish individual goals.

“Being willing to learn and change, then work harder is the key to success in life and in any sport,” she said.

The tennis matches will be on the courts directly across from the John W. Hart Building on Saturday, July 11.

For more information, contact Diana Rodriguez by email at or visit the activities office.