Finals are just around the corner. These tests come with a lot of work and a lot of memes. To help with those pesky tests, here are the 12 stages of finals as told by the internet.

Stage 1 – Procrastination: Only a few more days until finals. You should probably study, but that new show on Netflix is begging to be binge watched.

Stage 2 – Extreme studying. Finals have caught up so you go on a 24-hour studying spree to make up for lost time.

Stage 3 – Fear: Dread seeps in and you have a haunting feeling all the studying was for nothing.

Stage 4 – Insanity: Fear, stress and sleep deprivation give way to madness.

Stage 5 – Motivation: Insanity passes and you fill your head with compliments and motivation to compensate for poor preparation.

Stage 6 – Return to fear: Testing begins and fear and stress return.

Stage 7 – Game time: Stress passes and you get to work.

Stage 8 – Momentary peace: A feeling of euphoria and joy as you complete your final tests.

Stage 9 – Disillusion: Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to a disillusioned view of finals.

Stage 10 – Hatred shifts: Fear and hate turn from the tests to the test givers.

Stage 11 – Plotting: You make plans to wreak your revenge.

Stage 12 – Freedom: Moment of truth. Generally followed by relaxation and joy.