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BYU-Idaho welcomes students pursuing all kinds of degrees, including the degrees within the College of Performing and Visual Arts. There are four different departments within this college. It includes the Department of Art, Department of Dance, Department of Music and Department of Theatre.

“My favorite part of the college is the diversity of expertise and experience of the students and faculty,” said Richard J. Clifford, dean of the College of Performing and Visual Arts. “They are not only talented but also diligent in learning and applying what they know. They are also gracious in sharing these experiences with others. From music at Devotional to artwork in the buildings, there is not a place on campus that isn’t touched by someone from our college.”

Each department shares the talent of the students during events throughout each semester. The Dance Department holds social dances every evening throughout the week and invites students from other departments to join. Each semester a show is put on called Extravadance for students to show their hard work.

The music majors hold performances throughout each semester and invite students to watch. Idalia Bravo Salazar, a sophomore studying music education composite, said she would practice her violin for two hours each day. Members of the Music Department perform during devotional as well.

According to the BYU-Idaho website, “The Theatre Department has 6 productions every year in which students can audition for. Campus theatre productions are open enrollment, making auditions open to the community and all students, regardless of major. Productions can count as a practicum class (TA 260R, TA 360R, and TA 460R).”

The Art Department shares their work throughout the semester. Students’ photography can be found within the Jacob Spori Building. At the end of each semester, art students get together and sell some of their work.

“Our students are amazing,” Clifford said. “They are focused, diligent and personable. They are highly skilled in their artistic disciplines, grounded in firm theory and knowledge; collaborative, vigilant, supportive and nimble in their thinking.”

A majority of the work and art on campus is done by students from this department as well as many other departments to help keep the campus in great shape and show the talent held by the students

George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright, said, “Without art the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.”

“I would encourage incoming students to be curious. There is so much to learn and know in this world,” Clifford said. “The university is a great place to reach beyond the familiar and have new experiences. Attend a play or recital, learn about a different culture, volunteer to help someone else, become involved in activities that are outside of your ‘normal.”

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