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Groups of men, dressed in their best suits, wait anxiously for their turn to be interviewed for a spot on the Bachelorette of Rexburg.

Five students have been inspired to start their own version of the popular ABC show, and the response has been positive. Over a 100 BYU-Idaho bachelors have sent in their applications in hopes of meeting the bachelorette.


Piper Gearheart, a freshman studying elementary education; Lexi Bennett, a freshman studying exercise physiology; Sophi Gold, a freshman studying communication; and Izzy Butikofer, a freshman studying public health, are the brains behind the Bachelorette of Rexburg.

“Once we saw how serious the Bachelor of Provo got,” Gearheart said, “we knew we could take on the challenge and make ours even better. I expected that this project would be a lot of work; trying to organize over 100 guys and get everything figured out has been a challenge.”

They came up with the idea about two weeks ago and have already gotten attention from applicants and people offering to help make this idea into a reality.

“The response has been pretty positive, although we have had a few haters. For the most part, people think what we are doing is really cool and they are excited for it,” Gold said.

They held three days of interviews from Jan. 30 to Feb. 1 and had over 70 men show up. Each showed up in their suits and were excited to see what this show was all about.

“Originally I decided to apply as a joke with my buddies, and then we thought why not just make this really fun,” said Matthew Assante, one of the contestants and a freshman studying psychology.

“We started thinking about the Bachelorette and how this is probably really awkward for her, so we wanted to make sure she felt comfortable and respected while she went through this process.”

The men showed up with many questions and expressed their excitement for the potential to be a contestant on the show.

“I’m hoping to just have fun and genuinely have a good time. I want to make it memorable for all the people around me so they have a positive experience,” Assante said.

The show creators want to cultivate a good experience for both the contestants and people watching at home.They want to keep it fun and low-key.

“At the end I’m hoping to at least get a friend out of it, maybe something more,” said Ethan Clinger, a potential contestant and a freshman studying business. “I could make some awesome memories that would be good stories for my future family.”

 While this show will be based off the original ABC show, it isn’t going to follow it exactly. The end goal will not be with an intent of marriage; they just want to keep it casual and see how it ends up.

“This is just for fun. If a real relationship develops nobody would be opposed, but we’re not expecting a proposal or even a full on relationship at the end,’’ Gold said.

The interviews have all been completed, and the 26 final men have been selected. The show will begin production the first week of February and will be available to enjoy on the Bachelorette of Rexburg YouTube channel within the next few weeks.

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