With Scroll‘s weekly newspapers coming to a close, it’s time to look back at some of Scroll’s most popular and liked stories in recent history. Which articles were your favorite?

Need a place to define your blooming relationship? Check out “Top 5 places to DTR in the gardens.”

Remember Harambe? Take a look at BYU-Idaho’s candlelight vigil for the fallen hero in “Candles out for Harambe.”

Relive 2016’s famous mannequin challenge in “Students make mannequin challenge out of long lines.”

They took the boots off of our cars. They were the heroes, not what we deserved, but ones we needed. Check out “Boot thieves are not heroes.”

A lot of students listen to music while studying, but does it have positive or negative effects on you? Find out in the “Pro’s and Con’s of studying with music.”