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The BYU-Idaho Young Professionals group hosted Redge Allen, a faculty member in the Business Management Department, at their monthly meeting on Thursday, May 10. Allen talked about his life experience which led him to where he is now.

He shared experiences and advice to help students obtain their professional and personal goals. Allen has owned several businesses throughout his life and currently teaches Organizational Effectiveness IBC, as well as other business and marketing classes.

The group teaches students how to use LinkedIn, connect with professionals in any field and visit businesses.

The Young Professionals group, an extension of BYU-I’s alumni office, holds seminars about once a month that includes a speaker with specialized skills. These meetings are tailored to all majors.

The group also takes its members to different businesses. Last year, they took a group of students to meet professionals at Adobe in Lehi, Utah, and Qualtrics in Salt Lake City, Utah, and plan to return.

The Young Professionals group invites students of all majors to come and connect with former BYU-I alumni.

“These principles are applicable no matter what your major is,” said Jason Pedely, a sophomore studying business management.

The group’s primary goal is to help students connect with other students after graduation. These connections give students more job opportunities.

“When people come to BYU-Idaho in search of people to hire, this group is one of the first places they look,” said Alessandro Baielli, a senior majoring in international studies.

The Young Professionals group can be reached at the LinkedIn page BYU-Idaho Peer Professionals or by going to the alumni office in the Manwaring Center.

“We are not a society,” Baielli said. “We do not want to replace societies; our focus is trying to do quality versus quantity.”

Sharing is caring!