By Clay Breeden, Grace Wride, Hannah Crawley, Natalie Elowitt of the Scroll

In the Ezra Taft Benson Building greenhouses, the former home of Petrie the parrot will become a Scripture Garden on the west side of the building.

The Scripture Garden houses a variety of plants the Bible features; wheat, corn and other plants will be in the room as well as a crown-of-thorns, a small olive tree, frankincense and myrrh.

Sawyer Crawley, a sophomore studying recreational management, is helping create the Scripture Garden.

“Both frankincense and myrrh are really difficult to grow because they only have a 10% germination rate,” Crawley said. “That is what made those plants so valuable.”

Crawley said some seeds were difficult to acquire. The greenhouse even had to go to the government because no one had any tare seeds.

The Scripture Garden is located near the southwest entrance to the Benson Building, across the road from the Science and Technology Center.

Tan-colored pebbles cover the ground where the native Middle-Eastern plants grow on. In the corner of the room, a few turtles swim and lounge on rocks in a small pond.

Next to the turtle pond is a small replica of an olive oil press which is across from the room with a growing olive tree.

In the future, the greenhouse workers will continue to cycle plants in and out of the Scripture Garden. The Art Department will paint a mural of Jerusalem and the Sea of Galilee where there is currently white space on the walls.

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