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Shinjin Lee is a native of South Korea and a junior studying history education. His parents and two sisters still live at home in South Korea while he studies here at BYU-Idaho.

Lee’s life looked like this only a couple of years ago in 2016: he had just finished his mission in Seoul, he was close to finishing school at Chungnam National University, and he “planned on working in Korea,” Lee said. But one day, he made a decision that would alter the course of his life forever.

After being home from his mission for about a year, in 2017, Lee decided to visit some friends attending Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University.  Lee spent about a week with his friends, attending their classes, devotionals and other activities at BYU.

Lee said, “I was amazed at how different the education system was; I was also amazed at how spiritual the campus was.”

After his trip to the States, Lee decided that he wanted to come to America to finish school, even though he knew it would add another year to his schooling.

After returning home to South Korea, Lee studied with Northern Arizona University through his school back home; then, in winter 2018, Lee started studying at BYU-I.

“If I hadn’t gone on that trip to Utah, I probably wouldn’t be here,” Lee said, “For those just sitting on the couch, go out and do something. It will change your life.”

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