Located near the center of Rexburg’s historic Main Street, the Romance Theater’s brick facade and glowing presence attracted thousands. Although most believe the theater opened in 1917, The Romance originally opened as the Rex Theater in February of 1913. The Romance was one of the first large theaters in the state at its time, hosting many prominent acts and silent films.

Mona Delayn lived in Los Angeles with her mother and four-year-old, but she would travel and perform around the U.S. with her partner Mr. Hobbs. Her most notable act gave her the name Bullet Proof Woman, where she would hold a card behind her on the left side, just below her heart, and the bullet would travel through her, leaving only a hole in the card.

On Oct. 7, 1914, Delayn arrived to perform her last performance at the Rex Theater. Every night, a different gun was chosen from the audience. That evening, she stood like normal, blindfolded with her hands over her head, however, when the gun was fired, she fell to the floor, screaming in pain. Medical aids hurried to her side as the curtain dropped.

The Rexburg Standard reported this chilling scene:

“The bullet made an awful wound, making a hole thru the body over an inch in diameter. The gun used was a 303 Savage. The shooting was done by Win. Hobbs of New Orleans, whose stage name was DeVoe. He is now confined in the county jail awaiting the outcome of the accident.”

Hobbs claimed he had been doing the act for nine years and this was his first accident. The Pocatello Tribune reported she died a few days later.