*Editors note: The names in this article have been changed to keep the identity of the students anonymous.

College is one step into adulthood. Students figure out what they want to study, what they want to become and who they want to surround themselves with. One of the few experiences of becoming a real college student is rooming with a complete stranger and trying to figure out how to get along.

For some people, they have great experiences with roommates with no drama and adventures that last throughout the nights. And for others, there are different, unpleasant adventures that happen throughout the night.

Fortnite is life:

For one student, they said their roommate kept them up till 3 a.m. playing Fortnite. He had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. that day. The two hours that the roommates weren’t playing, he cherished.

“They kept on screaming and yelling at the T.V. and I’m pretty sure they were talking to 12-year-olds,” said Marcus*.

Most college students have had bad nights with roommates; it’s inevitable.

The night owl:

One particular student had many bad nights with her roommate that caused her to sleep on the couch. Her roommate was very particular in the way that she wanted things. This roommate would always sleep during the day. Whenever she would go in her room, her roommate would get annoyed or upset. Her roommate would always tell her to shut the door, leave the lights off and to make no noises that would disturb her.

“She even made me change my alarm in the morning,” said Natasha*. “I was waking up 20 minutes earlier than her, and she did not like that.”

Later on, the student decided it would be best to sleep on the couch and not disturb her roommate’s sleep.

There is a certain chemistry that roommates need to have to survive in living with each other. Sometimes rooming with a friend does not always work out as planned.

A hairy situation:

For one student, it seemed like all was good until the semester progressed. She said that she roomed with one of her friends from back home. She thought that her friend would be a fun and chill person to live with, but she realized that her friend’s personality in public was completely different in private.

The friend would yell, accuse the roommates of eating her food and have arguments where she would end up crying. She was triggered by everything. In one incident, there was a girl who had long thick, brown hair in their apartment. The shower would be full of her hair, but the friend took it upon herself to confront the girl and accuse her of clogging the shower drains.

“What she failed to realize was that they both had the same exact hair,” said Layla*.

Although there are many horror stories of roommates, there are a lot of good experiences where people find their best friends.

Opposites attract:

One college student said his roommate grew to be one of the closest people in his life. He said that during his early schooling, he never got along with his roommate. He was immature and had different interests, but when his roommate came back into his life, he was different. They began to bond on events that happened in their lives, between breakups and other difficulties. They grew closer.

“Although we bonded through the hard parts of life, we grew together and that is what is amazing,” said Tom*. “Plus he smells good.”

According to The College Choice, “Lucking into a good roommate doesn’t just mean you’ve gained a friend – it could mean you stand to gain a higher GPA, improved personal fitness and a fuller appreciation of diversity.”

There are times where people are pushed into your life and we won’t know what reason, but we should always have an open mind. If it doesn’t turn out to be a good experience, at least we got a good story out of it.