The Headline Episode 10

by Rudy Diaz; Travis Hughes

The Headline is a weekly podcast published by Scroll that covers the hot topics, events and students on campus. This week, Rudy Diaz, Travis Hughes and Ashley Hatch discuss the police log, general conference and Ashley taking over the podcast from Travis and Rudy next semester.

Rudy Diaz: [00:00:05] Hi everybody. This is me, Rudy Diaz along with the other two, such as…

Travis Hughes: [00:00:12] Me, Travis Hughes.

Ashley Hatch: [00:00:14] And me, Ashley Hatch.

Rudy Diaz: [00:00:15] Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, women and men. We have quite the show today because we have none other than the next host of The Headline next semester, Miss Ashley herself. So we have her with us today. We have quite the show in the last episode of this semester. So with that said let’s get the show on the road with the police log. This one’s titled “Our relationship ain’t all that broken,” from this week’s edition. So it states, and I quote, “Police received a complaint of disturbing the peace at the BYU-I on-campus housing. Police arrived and found that the disturbance was over a boyfriend slash girlfriend break up. The male became upset and broke a glass door with rocks.” The end. The stresses of life are real.

Ashley Hatch: [00:01:13] Breakups suck.

Rudy Diaz: [00:01:14] Breakups suck.

Travis Hughes: [00:01:14] Stress at the end of the semester could all accumulate here. But yeah, that’s vandalism and breaking someone’s property. I’m sorry guys, breakups are hard and, you know, challenging, but I encourage each of you to not break your significant others’ or ex-significant others’ things.

Ashley Hatch: [00:01:38] In a way I could kind of understand and been through enough breakup so you just want to break something. But at the same time there are boundaries like, there are things you don’t break.

Rudy Diaz: [00:01:49] But come on guys, don’t you guys, I mean there’s a lot of emotions involved and a lot of sentiments.

Ashley Hatch: [00:01:54] It’s true.

Travis Hughes: [00:01:56] See my way of dealing with breakups is I feel really sad. And so I listen to really sad music for like 48 hours and that’s like all I do and then I get over it.

Ashley Hatch: [00:02:06] How does that help?

Travis Hughes: [00:02:08] It just does. With the breakups I’ve had like I get really depressed I go into a shell and I listen to really sad music. I’m trying to think of my breakup playlist but it’s been a while since I’ve had a breakup so I can’t quite remember all the songs I had on there but…

Rudy Diaz: [00:02:24] I can kind of relate with Travis on this one. Sade, wonderful artist. She’s a great one to listen to in moments like this. Also, James Bond, he’s one heck of a guy and he made me feel really good.

Ashley Hatch: [00:02:37] James Bond?

Travis Hughes: [00:02:37] James Bond?

Rudy Diaz: [00:02:38] Well he’s kind of my hero ever since I was a child.

Ashley Hatch: [00:02:41] Ok.

Rudy Diaz: [00:02:41] But as I like to say to each their own when it comes to overcoming breakups and difficult situations like this. Then again this one’s a little unlawful because he did break things and property that necessarily wasn’t his. So with that said let’s move on to the next topics for this week. So this weekend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is going to present the general conference. Now what number is it. Over 100. So I don’t know.

Ashley Hatch: [00:03:11] 198?

Travis Hughes: [00:03:12] 190 something?

Ashley Hatch: [00:03:12] 198, I think.

Travis Hughes: [00:03:16] Wait is it 190 something?

Ashley Hatch: [00:03:18] Yeah.

Travis Hughes: [00:03:20] I don’t think it’s 198. I think it’s like 194?

Ashley Hatch: [00:03:24] I will look it up.

Rudy Diaz: [00:03:24] That’s why we have you here Ashley.

Travis Hughes: [00:03:26] Not if I beat you to it.

Ashley Hatch: [00:03:28] Bring it. Maybe it’s 189.

Rudy Diaz: [00:03:29] So while that competition is going on, it is a wonderful opportunity for not only members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to get more messages of inspiration and hope but just an invitation to all to understand a bit more of what our church represents and all that stuff. So it looks like we have a live play.

Ashley Hatch: [00:03:49] Yep 189th annual.

Rudy Diaz: [00:03:54] Annual or semi?

Travis Hughes: [00:03:55] Hold on. I need to look, 189th Annual General Conference, yes.

Rudy Diaz: [00:04:00] Travis wins. Travis won a prize after that.

Ashley Hatch: [00:04:01] Well I looked it up at the same time.

Rudy Diaz: [00:04:04] But yes. So with that said what do you guys think?

Travis Hughes: [00:04:10] General Conference has always been kind of a big deal in my family. My grandparents when I was a kid would have all the grandkids over and we’d have like a, it was like a preconference thing and we’d, she called it a party but basically we would sit down and we’d talk about, we’d learn like different facts about all the different apostles and first presidency and all that. We’d play some games together, just kind of a warm up to conference and get prepared for the speakers. And that’s something really fun that we did as a kid and, you know, growing up but there’s still, I mean it’s really funny like still having those like facts come out of my mind during conference and stuff like that remind me what these you know these cool things these guys have done. But you know that’s not really what conference is about, conferences isn’t about the apostles. It’s about the messages that they have about bringing us closer to Jesus Christ and bringing us, lifting us up. So that’s always good to hear. Everyone always has their favorite speakers though. Elder Holland is kind of the best.

Ashley Hatch: [00:05:16] I have to say, Bednar’s pretty great.

Travis Hughes: [00:05:17] Well, yeah he’s pretty good too. President Nelson is pretty awesome. I love Elder Holland’s talks though. Yeah, that’s my favorite speaker for sure.

Rudy Diaz: [00:05:30] Yeah. And for those who don’t know these are different leaders of the Church. But I mean my favorite is always and forever will the Elder Uchtdorf.

Ashley Hatch: [00:05:41] Oh true, he’s great.

Rudy Diaz: [00:05:42] His hair.

Ashley Hatch: [00:05:44] His hair.

Travis Hughes: [00:05:44] His hair.

Ashley Hatch: [00:05:45] His hair is great. I love Eyring’s emotion.

Travis Hughes: [00:05:50] Yeah. My thing with Uchtdorf is OK, he became one of my all time favorites. I mean he talked about airplanes. Like every conference talk is his first like 5, 6, 7, 8 conferences even like, there’s always an airplane analogy and I remember one of his talks he’s talking and he like self-references himself, he’s like imagining what the people in the audience are talking about or thinking about and he’s like well why hasn’t he said an analogy about airplanes yet or told a story about airplanes. I couldn’t stop laughing. That was the funniest thing ever because, he knew even himself knew it. So I really like him too.

Rudy Diaz: [00:06:32] Oh yeah.

Travis Hughes: [00:06:33] They’re all good guys they’re all good speakers.

Rudy Diaz: [00:06:35] Oh yeah, they’re all.

Travis Hughes: [00:06:35] They’re all pretty fantastic and everyone has their favorite that they really like.

Rudy Diaz: [00:06:44] Elder Uchtdorf. I hope I’m getting my point across. But yeah. And along with each presenter there’s always quotable and most memorable things. One thing I’ve always remember and this is advice for everybody, religious or not, some member of the church or not, just humanity. “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith,” is one of the quotes that I’ve always remembered since the General Conference in 2013. Because it’s so easy to really doubt yourself and doubt your own abilities whether it be in your profession, home life, family life or anything, it’s so easy to doubt yourself first. But it’s truly a device that in order to succeed you must believe in yourself. So doubt your doubt and have faith in yourself and faith in the things you do. And with that, be sure to check out general conference. I mean during its normal time on Saturday and Sunday in those sessions. And with that said there’s always things going on around. Yes, it is the final weekend before going into finals week so. Doubt your doubts with your finals and believe yourself as you do those assignments and stuff like that even if you are lazy doubt your laziness and…

Ashley Hatch: [00:07:55] Just do it.

Rudy Diaz: [00:07:56] Put faith in yourself.

Travis Hughes: [00:07:58] And that Nike plug right there.

Ashley Hatch: [00:07:59] Nike right there, Just Do It.

Travis Hughes: [00:08:02] Yeah I definitely agree, this can be really good way to rejuvenate yourself right before finals and also get ready for the end of the semester. I’ve realized that it’s, you know, in two weeks I’ll be, you know, we won’t be in school in two weeks which is pretty crazy. I can’t believe, I mean this semester felt like it flew by.

Travis Hughes: [00:08:26] Yeah, definitely like along with Travis and I we’ve mentioned it before on the podcast several times, but it is a bit surreal, moving on to the next part of life and to future endeavors whether it be graduate school or the workforce and stuff like that. It is exciting but it’s also easy to doubt what will be in the future, or worried in some cases. But it’s exciting.

Travis Hughes: [00:08:57] You know looking back over the past couple of years. You know I guess I’ve been at school for three years. You know there’s a lot of things that have happened while I’ve been up here that have really changed my life for the better. And you know I’m very grateful for the time that I’ve spent here at BYU-Idaho and for the time that I’ve gotten. This will be our last episode of the semester. And Ashley will be taking over next semester and Rudy and I will be onto our next phase of life. You know I just want to say to those people that are still here that are still going to be here at BYU-Idaho, that it’s really a great place here in Rexburg. You know, sometimes there is the hard times. There’s a slow times in the winter and it doesn’t feel like there’s, you know, Rexburg a pretty small town and you know you can kind of feel that sometimes. But ultimately this is a good place for education and for one on one. I think that’s one of the biggest things I have appreciated and taken advantage of while being here at school is being able to be one on one with teachers and to be in a small classroom setting where we can have that time to help myself understand and improve in whatever I’m learning.

Rudy Diaz: [00:10:23] Yeah, it is truly a one of a kind opportunity. Yeah. One thing I would definitely say about this campus though is that there’s many agricultural opportunities or opportunities to explore what there is out there beyond just the city life, but there’s mountains here, there’s Yellowstone, Craters of the Moon. Sure you might need a car.

Travis Hughes: [00:10:47] Have a little voice crack there Ashley?

Ashley Hatch: [00:10:47] Yes. The Snake River, Rudy’s love.

Rudy Diaz: [00:10:52] Snake River, yes, how could I forget snake? How? But yeah there’s just so many things to do here and most importantly like I said the education here is very personal very one on one and very very beneficial. And my advice would always be, don’t give up on yourself. It’s easy like I said with doubting but it’s very easy to underestimate our own potential and abilities. And with that don’t. Don’t underestimate or second guess what you can do because if you push yourself to the limits you’ll be able to do things. For example this podcast I didn’t really expect it to go that far. But I decided to push myself, put my mind to it. Put the work into it, and was it a lot of work? Definitely. It wasn’t established before but it was definitely rewarding experience to see the interest that other people have taken into the show and put their time into listening to our product to what we’ve managed to put together. And it’s also made me realize, you know, it’s wonderful to also have co-workers and stuff like that such as Travis and Ashley who has invested their time and effort into it as well. Something that shows me that definitely you never know what’s going to come out of these ideas.

Travis Hughes: [00:12:27] Seriously though, like something you said Rudy you actually made me think like you said you know put yourself out there put in your full effort. And I definitely agree with that. You know, definitely take the time and opportunity to put yourself out there to join a different society or a club or multiple internships whatever you can do to help further your career, because it’s easy. I mean you can get through college fairly easily with, you know, you go to all your classes you do your homework in and you kind of call it good. And that’s your college experience but you kind of set yourself behind for the future and that’s why college should be a time for you to stretch and grow as a person as you put yourself out there and have the opportunity to succeed and fail and if you fail you learn from it, if you succeed, well congratulations, you did it. You know, like you said earlier this is Rudy and I’s last episode. Next week is finals week so the podcast will go on a temporary break while, you know, we’re doing finals and getting ready for the end of school and graduation, but the next time you hear The Headline, Ashley will be our our new host and joined by, we don’t know yet but…

Rudy Diaz: [00:13:45] Surprise.

Travis Hughes: [00:13:47] They’ll let you know as soon as they figure that out, and and they’re on air with you guys and next time so I assume will be the first couple of weeks of spring semester. Ashley we wish best of luck to you and know that you will continue to carry on the legacy of The Headline that’s about you know eight weeks old, 10 weeks old.

Ashley Hatch: [00:14:09] Thank you. I mean you guys won’t be forgotten of course, you started The Headline so…

Travis Hughes: [00:14:14] Yeah, but we started but someone else will perfect it, probably you. But you know we’ll be listening for sure.

Rudy Diaz: [00:14:22] But for all your listeners that will be the cliffhanger who will be Ashley’s next cohost? Who knows. You have to stay and stay tuned in to figure it out. But yes so with that said thank you so much for accompanying us this for this episode Ashley.

Ashley Hatch: [00:14:40] Of course.

Rudy Diaz: [00:14:41] And with that said, thank you guys so much for listening over the semester. Don’t forget to like subscribe, or I guess we don’t have a subscribe.

Travis Hughes: [00:14:51] No subscribe button.

Rudy Diaz: [00:14:52] Yeah, don’t forget to like, comment, share the goodness of The Headline or we do value and appreciate each and every one of our listeners. You, yes, I’m talking to you looking at your phone or radio wondering if Rudy is talking to you. I am talking to you. So again, with that said this has been another episode of The Headline.