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The Headline is a weekly podcast published by Scroll that covers the hot topics, events and students on campus. This week, Rudy Diaz and Travis Hughes will be discussing the Adopt a Grandparent program, The 5 Browns performing at BYU-I and the Slam Dunk competition. For additional information on the topics talked about in the show, check out our show notes at the bottom. 

The Headline: Episode Two

by Rudy Diaz; Travis Hughes | The Headline

Rudy Diaz: [00:00:05] Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of The Headline with me, Rudy Diaz.

Travis Hughes: [00:00:10] And me, Travis Hughes.

Rudy Diaz: [00:00:12] And here we have so much to talk about, but first, let’s talk about the students of Rexburg. Rylie Gold from the Scroll published an article titled “Students of Rexburg: Living Life Abroad.” This piece, which is on the Scroll website, covered the story of Ellie Anderson, a BYU-I student who decided to teach English in China with the international language program. Ellie was in China for four months. Here’s a preview of that interview Rylie had with Ellie.

Rylie Gold: [00:00:43] Ok, what was the best thing about living in China?

Ellie Anderson: [00:00:52] Traveling was really awesome. I think the best thing was the people that I got to meet. I think definitely teaching my kids and just taking four months out of my life to teach these little kids how to speak English better. I don’t think that there could have been a better way that I spent my time.

Rudy Diaz: [00:01:18] Fantastic. And now let’s talk about the hot stuff going on on campus. So first…

Travis Hughes: [00:01:24] We have the Slam Dunk competitions coming up for those of you looking to participate, the audition, well, we had an audition last night, but there’s also an audition tomorrow night, January 31. Anybody is allowed to participate. It involves three competitions, a slam dunk competition, a three point shootout and the short person’s dunk competition. So that means anyone of any age, height can participate in the competition. And I believe it’s the Hart gym is where the auditions are. It’s the main Hart Auditorium gym where you can you can go audition for this. I am a short white guy who can’t jump. I’m just putting it out there. But when I found out the main prize for this I am highly considering registering and competing because the grand prize for the winner is $150.

Rudy Diaz: [00:02:27] Exactly. And not only does the first place winner gets $150, but if you manage to not win but you still get second place — get this — $75 for the person in second place.

Travis Hughes: [00:02:41] All this money is in dining dollars so you don’t get to go spend it at Walmart but you get food on campus. That could last you a month, two months, three months, depending on how you spend it, obviously.

Rudy Diaz: [00:02:53] Honestly, pretty much set for the whole semester. I mean, maybe even more. Who knows. I’m not going to lie if I had that, I definitely would be using the living daylights out of that.

Travis Hughes: [00:03:07] I’d be a little bit bigger than I am right now because eating Chick-fil-A daily is not good for your body, but I would be making use of that $150 if I had it. So definitely if you’re interested in basically eating for free at the Crossroads for the next month or two, go try out for that go do your best and see if you can win it. I mean anyone can win this. From what I understand is they’ve got a springboard that allows you to jump higher if you’re not tall enough to dunk. For the three point shootout I know plenty of people here that, or out of the couple people that I’ve played against in real basketball who cannot miss from three point range. Yeah. Go try out.

Rudy Diaz: [00:03:53] Exactly. And as Travis stated, if you missed it on Tuesday, the opportunity to audition, do not worry, there is still another opportunity tomorrow to show off your balla skills. So yeah definitely go check that out. And as Travis said, anybody can participate just go and if you have the will, then go give it a shot. Because to be honest, you’re never going to know if you can win if you never ever ever ever try.

Travis Hughes: [00:04:21] Yep exactly. And so if you want to participate. Be sure to register at

Rudy Diaz: [00:04:28] Yeah, and be sure to be ready to log in with your school account as usual. Because if you don’t ever register you’re, not going to know. All right. So the next topic is the Adopt a Grandparent program. Now this is an interesting program because BYU-I students get together every Saturday at around 10 in the morning at the MC roundabout to do an activity together. And what is it specifically? Well, it’s an opportunity to adopt a grandparent, or in other words to go over to retirement centers to not only get to know senior citizens, also give them a chance to just really socialize with them, play games with them. It’s even stated in one of the articles written from the Scroll they play ukuleles with them and stuff like that. It’s something truly important because I remember while in high school one of the highlights was when I went to participate by singing with the church and going to these retirement homes and just singing Christmas hymns and stuff like that. And I remember the look in their eyes or in their face … I wasn’t a good singer. Let’s just be honest, I’m no Beyonce.

Travis Hughes: [00:05:59] No one is Beyonce but Beyonce.

Rudy Diaz: [00:06:01] Exactly. Let’s make that clear. To be honest, just the fact that there were other people giving their time for the elders. They really appreciated that. More the thought and our presence than the actual abilities that we had.

Travis Hughes: [00:06:28] Yeah, I definitely agree. I’ve had my opportunity to do that as well where I’ve been able to go and do some sort of performance whether it’s through school or through the Church at a senior care center. And it’s a great experience for them. And you know what? I’m not going to lie. My closest grandparent live in east Tennessee, and you know, it’s nice to kind of have someone like that. An older person who’s full of wisdom, who’s been through a lot that you can just sit down and talk with, and you know, just to be able to have a good time with. And so, if you’re interested at all to adopt your own grandparents in Rexburg because your grandparents don’t live anywhere close or you want to do some good for your community. This is a fantastic opportunity to do that.

Rudy Diaz: [00:07:14] Exactly. And to find more information on this one of our very own Scroll reporters, Macey Smith, actually wrote a story on it, all about this program. And so one of the quotes she even stated in it was, and I quote, “Each weekend students take ukuleles, games and nail polish with them and they spread out.” Spread out to go talk and really just have a great time, because honestly, some of these people don’t really get visits. And this is an opportunity for you to not only get a weekend activity but to most importantly do a little bit of service at the same time. So with that said we’re going to transition into the final round of the podcast The 5 Browns.

Travis Hughes: [00:08:05] Yes The 5 Browns, the five pianists you may have heard of. I tell you what, I went to see these guys, and I’m really excited about this. I went to see them about 12 years ago with my grandmother, and I still remember them playing. For a younger kid, I found it fascinating to watch the five of them practice and to play on stage and how well they play together and how well five pianos sound at the same time. Synchronizing almost like it’s an orchestra up there. And they are absolutely incredible with an incredible story as well.

Rudy Diaz: [00:08:47] And now we have a very special guest with us today. His name is Austin, a reporter that covered a preview story for The 5 Browns. So Austin, can you tell me a bit more about what you wrote about.

Austin Falter: [00:09:02] Yeah, thanks. So this week The 5 Browns are going to be coming and performing in the Hart Auditorium. This is an amazing group of pianists. They’re siblings. There’s five of them and that’s why they’re called The 5 Browns and they’ve been playing the piano since they were 3 years old. In fact, they’re the only group of five that has ever been simultaneously accepted to Juilliard School. And so they are very well-trained and very wonderful musicians.

Rudy Diaz: [00:09:40] Awesome, and with that, what were some of the things about this group that really resonated with you.

Austin Falter: [00:09:49] Yes, I wasn’t aware of this before I started writing. I did some research on them and found out that several years ago they came to the public that they had been abused sexually by their father when they were younger, and so they’ve gone through the whole process and their father was incarcerated in 2011. Since then they’ve been working on a documentary to share this story and help it get out there and help that cause of helping sex abuse victims. It’s quite an inspiring story to hear what they’ve gone through.

Rudy Diaz: [00:10:33] It’s important to also note that the victims in this case of abuse were the women in The 5 Browns. Thank you so much for accompanying us Austin and for giving us additional information. And Austin actually has this article published on the Scroll website, and to get even more details on not only the concert but the group themselves, be sure to check out that article. Austin, do you by chance know the title of the article?

Austin Falter: [00:11:00] “The 5 Browns: Creating beauty from tension.”

Rudy Diaz: [00:11:08] I think a good point, especially in the interview that we highlighted, was the fact that music is great, and the music that musicians produce can be memorable, fantastic, or in some cases just awful. Behind every artist or every musician is always the story. And like we just discussed with The 5 Browns the story behind them is just incredible.

Travis Hughes: [00:11:34] Absolutely. I mean, I’m not gonna lie, a lot of you listeners out there may not be a big fan of this, but one of my favorite musicians of all time is actually Eminem. Not necessarily for the hip-hop or the rap, but because of the story he tells in his music. I’m not going to say every one of his music tells a beautiful story, but a lot of his songs talk about him and his relationship with his his mom, his wife, his daughter, some good and some bad. There’s one song in particular that I’m thinking of that he basically calls himself out for not being there for his family; not being the kind of father he needs to be and how he’s trying to overcome that and to be that for his daughter. Like you said Rudy, these musicians have stories. I mean almost every one of them have incredible backgrounds and incredible stories to tell. And music is a great medium to tell that story.

Rudy Diaz: [00:12:44] So please be sure to check the preview article with all the additional information on the group. Also, the performances is on Friday, February 1, at 7:30 p.m. Much like Vocal Point, be sure to get tickets as fast as you can because they are selling like hotcakes, not flying.

Travis Hughes: [00:13:06] Yes, I guess you could do flying off the shelves like hotcakes, but I think selling like hotcakes is definitely the correct metaphor.

Rudy Diaz: [00:13:15] Yeah! Because you mentioned it last week, Travis, I had to go back and look it over, and yes, it’s selling like hotcakes.

Travis Hughes: [00:13:22] What is a hot cake anyway?

Rudy Diaz: [00:13:25] Isn’t it like a pancake?

Travis Hughes: [00:13:27] I guess so. It makes sense.

Rudy Diaz: [00:13:30] I might have to google that one later too. I just always thought hotcakes were pancakes. If I’m wrong, please comment. And you know, just call me out on it. We’re not all perfect.

Travis Hughes: [00:13:46] I just want to say I’m a little disappointed in you listeners. You didn’t ask a single question of us, disappointing.

Rudy Diaz: [00:13:51] However, that may not be true because I think there is actually one. We can’t tell because it’s a little ambiguous, but there’s one from Enea Rokaj. Hopefully I pronounced it (his name) correctly, if I did not, again, I’m not perfect, make a comment on the comment section. But he was asking, while tagging a friend, what new things do you like to try? So we’re going to take that as it was directed for us. Travis, what new things do you like to try?

Travis Hughes: [00:14:30] Well, I tell you what, last year I’ve done something up here that’s actually really relatable to us right now, in the dead middle of winter. For those of you looking to have fun on a weekend with some friends or bring a date, go buy a $5 sled from Big Five and go to sand dunes right now. I tried this out with some friends of mine last winter, but I’d never gone legitimately sledding before, and we went out to the sand dunes and I tell you what, that was incredible. My most favorite thing ever done out here in Rexburg is sledding down the sand dunes in the snow. It’s steep in some areas, but it’s so gentle. That’s probably something that you guys can go out and do and try. Right now especially with it being January in Rexburg where it’s white and snowy and cold.

Rudy Diaz: [00:16:07] Yeah, well, I love to go to restaurants and treat myself, to some extent, but really just tasting food and stuff like that in Rexburg. You know there’s quite a bit of things from the IBC programs where they have like these little restaurants on campus. To the miscellaneous stuff in Rexburg…

Travis Hughes: [00:16:35] Have you been to the taco bus?

Rudy Diaz: [00:16:38] Oh yeah, that’s that’s definitely a place in Rexburg that lot’s of people know. And also if you have a car exploring in IF, you never know what you’re going to get. I actually learned what hibachi was thanks to Idaho Falls. Apparently hibachi is what it’s called when they serve your food and make it in front of you.

Travis Hughes: [00:17:04] Hibachi is my favorite restaurant style of all time. And yeah, that’s what I like to try that’s new.

Rudy Diaz: [00:17:13] With that said, if you guys ever have additional comments or any feedback, please respond to us on our social media on Facebook through the Scroll website or through the Scroll Facebook page. Comment on Instagram and all of that. And yeah, we love to hear from you guys. Thank you guys for the likes and the feedback as well. And also for the support that you guys have provided. Any additional information on any of the stuff covered in the podcast will be online at the end.

Travis Hughes: [00:17:57] At the bottom of the page that you’re listening to this on right now.

Rudy Diaz: [00:18:01] Yes, at the bottom of the page. Look for it.

Travis Hughes: [00:18:03] Click it, like, share, subscribe, comment…

Rudy Diaz: [00:18:08] OK, now we’re starting to sound like YouTubers, “please like and subscribe.” But with that, again, thank you guys so much for listening to another episode and have a nice rest of the week, and we’ll catch you next time.

Links and notes from the show: Here is the link to the Adopt a Grandparent page. Here is a link to The 5 Browns website. Here is a link to “The 5 Browns: Creating beauty from tension” by Austin Falter Here is the link with registration for Slam Dunk Competition. The intro music was provided by Purple Planet Music. 

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