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Maddy Robb: [00:00:07] Hi I’m Maddy Robb.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:09] And I’m Ashley Manson.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:10] And this is the Headline.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:16] This is the fourth week into this semester. Congratulations, you survived.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:21] You’re still here. Maybe.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:23] I’m sorry. The fifth week, we are in the fifth week, not the fourth week. You survived four weeks.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:28] You survived another week.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:30] There you go. You survived four weeks. If you’re exhausted; we don’t blame you.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:36] We’re exhausted too.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:37] Yes, we really are. School is great, remember that. Anyway, this week we have some crazy stories on the police log.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:46] So there was an apartment owner; apartment manager who steps out of his apartment, looks into the parking lot and sees somebody running off with something under his arm.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:58] Apparently an unknown male subject stole a bunch of “no skateboarding” signs.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:04] So now you can skateboard there. Or maybe that was the idea behind stealing the sign.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:09] Yes. So the caller stated that an unknown male stole one of their “no skateboarding” signs. The same male also had an issue with one of the apartment’s employees where he threw a soda can at the employee’s vehicle while leaving.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:23] Oh.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:24] Police have video and pictures of the male and his vehicle and are investigating. So honestly. Just be smart, don’t steal signs or throw cans at people.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:35] Or their cars.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:36] Or their cars.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:37] Or be caught doing it.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:39] That’s another good thing. Just don’t do it. Another interesting thing that happened. If you’ve already noticed we’ve posted a few stories on it or a story on it, but there was a bomb threat at Fat Cats.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:53] Was that Friday night; Saturday night?

Ashley Manson: [00:01:55] I believe it was Friday. There was an event being held by some seniors. It was a senior party going on at Fat Cats, and there was a bomb threat going on and so everybody within there had to leave.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:10] Everybody in Fat Cats, including staff and party goers.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:15] Very interesting because one of our own Scroll staff members happened to be there when it happened. And so he was the one to get behind the story.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:24] We had like messages flying at 2:00 a.m.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:26] Oh my gosh.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:27] Go talk to police.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:28] It was so interesting to read those. Next one on the police log is called, “Someone was going through my glove box.”

Maddy Robb: [00:02:36] And that’s because someone walked out of what, Walgreens?

Ashley Manson: [00:02:40] I believe it was Walgreens.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:41] They walked out of a store and found their car in the parking lot; like you do. And the only exception to the normal scenario is that there was a person digging around in her glove box.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:52] I don’t know, that’d be; I think that’s messed up, but just lock your car doors. It is the best answer I could honestly give.

Maddy Robb: [00:03:00] Yeah. Nothing was reported stolen. Which is interesting.

Ashley Manson: [00:03:05] Very interesting. But yeah, it’s still scary to think someone was in your car.

Maddy Robb: [00:03:10] Maybe they just got confused. Thought it was their car.

Ashley Manson: [00:03:14] I have been in that situation before. My dad mixed cars up; even though our entire family was in the car and then we end up in a car without our family and the seats are covered in leopard. And I’m like, “I am pretty sure this is not our car.” He’s like, “oh whoops, not my car.”

Maddy Robb: [00:03:34] Not my leopard.

Ashley Manson: [00:03:36] We don’t have a leopard seats. It was a very funny incident. And sometimes that happens, but be careful to make sure it’s your car.

Maddy Robb: [00:03:46] Before you go digging around in the glove box.

Ashley Manson: [00:03:48] Yeah and make sure your car is locked just in case someone does do that. There are a lot of very similar cars out there.

Maddy Robb: [00:03:55] Yeah we can print cars in literally any color but they’re mostly just gray and white, and black, and red and yellow and sometimes.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:04] Pink, purple.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:06] Or brown.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:07] Really?

Maddy Robb: [00:04:09] Look out the window. Brown truck.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:11] Brown. But yes there are very fun colors, cars; like you if you remember the game Bingo whenever you saw yellow car or slug bug. My friend and I would make purpopular and pinkalicious.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:25] Oh, cute.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:25] Because you never see those cars anywhere. It became very dangerous and her mother banned us from her car. It was really funny.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:34] Exciting thing coming out this Friday. Aladdin.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:39] Aladdin, trailer looks really good.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:41] I’m so pumped. I have a goal to have every Disney movie out there, live action and cartoon.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:50] Well you’re going to be spending a lot of money.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:52] Yes. So far I have one. I’m doing great. I have Maleficent, and that is it.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:01] Your kids can just grow up in that movie and no other.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:03] Yeah but I really want to. I loved the Cinderella movie. I’m really pumped for Lion King. I grew up with Disney and I loved it, and so I have a goal to get every Disney live-action princess movie and every other live action and cartoons. I think they’re great. That is my goal. So I am so pumped. Do I get to see it this weekend? I don’t know.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:28] I hope so, just because they’re so pumped. Me, I’m kind of neutral on the whole thing, but let us know what you think in the comments.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:37] You team Disney? I sure am.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:40] Some other fun events coming up as we have what is called a Learn, Live, Become workshop. I’m not 100% sure what’s going on, but I do know that they have some interesting trainings. On Tuesday, they had a training of rebuilding a testimony. On Wednesday, today, will be how Christ’s atonement applies to you. Or you could also go to the growth mindset. And there is also the likening the scriptures on Thursday from 7 to 8. There will also be previews coming through about these workshops, so you could look those up. Kind of see what these are about. I know I’m going to be. I’m interested to see what these workshops are.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:22] Mm. Did you find any information online about it?

Ashley Manson: [00:06:25] Not much. No. I know these. I don’t think this is the first week they’ve done them, but I am interested. I didn’t really see anything about it until this week and so I am very interested in knowing what these are about. I’m probably — if I get the time — I’m probably going to try and attend at least one of them.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:43] Very cool.

Ashley Manson: [00:06:44] Also coming up, we have the Memorial Day celebration this Friday.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:48] Is that all of Rexburg, or just the school?

Ashley Manson: [00:06:50] Well it’s at the school. I don’t know if Rexburg’s doing anything but they will be doing this at the Manwaring Center Crossroads stage and 231B. It’s gonna be a short program and there’s gonna be games and prizes. Honestly, sounds a lot of fun.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:11] The National Anthem at noon. I love that song.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:15] The National Anthem is gonna be played, sung.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:19] I like that song.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:20] It’s a great song.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:22] I’m such a nerd, but.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:23] America, the beautiful. And then there’s also a dinner date night at the ropes course. It’s going to be fun.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:31] And that is on the 24. The 24 which is Saturday? Maybe?

Ashley Manson: [00:07:38] It’s Friday.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:40] So anyway, it’s on Friday.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:42] This Friday at 6. Ropes course date night should be fun. Probably, do you have to file the forms though?

Maddy Robb: [00:07:49] Yeah. If you fall that I want to pay for your falling.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:53] No, you have to be careful: don’t break any bones, don’t fall. If you have fears of heights like I do, you can go.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:02] Think twice.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:03] Just think about it. I honestly would go because I’ve actually started rock climbing, and even though I have a huge fear of heights, I actually enjoy it, so you could overcome your heights issue if you want to.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:14] We have some really fun things coming up at the Scroll.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:20] The Scroll.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:20] The Scroll.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:22] The Scroll.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:24] There you go, the Scroll has a new way to say it.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:29] Right now, say it, “Scroll.”

Ashley Manson: [00:08:30] So a story will be coming out, and we want to see your craziest or worst looking I-Card pictures. So go ahead and send those in with some information about yourself, and people will be able to see your worst or craziest I-Card pictures.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:53] Bless us with your face.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:57] It’ll be fun. I promise.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:59] You’ll become famous.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:00] You will at BYU-Idaho.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:02] Relatively.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:05] Who knows, maybe you become famous other places. It’ll be fun I promise. And if (weird noises).

Maddy Robb: [00:09:12] If you like making those noises. Call up, don’t talk. Just go (weird noises).

Ashley Manson: [00:09:18] That’s how tired I am. La la la la la.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:24] And if you have opinions on things like we sometimes do. And if you also like writing and getting published and being accomplished.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:34] Send a letter.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:35] Yeah. You can email us at and we will read your article, and if we like it; or sometimes if we disagree but we still like it.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:48] It will be published on the Scroll. So send in your opinion pieces. We love them.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:57] Really do, we love you. We don’t always love your opinions, but we love you.

Ashley Manson: [00:10:02] Of course, you don’t always love ours.

Maddy Robb: [00:10:05] So it’s a fair relationship.

Ashley Manson: [00:10:06] Yes it is.

Maddy Robb: [00:10:07] But you listen to us and we will listen to you if you contact us at our e-mail, on social media or in the comments to this post.

Maddy Robb: [00:10:15] This has been the Headline.