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Maddy Robb: Hi BYU-I. I am Maddie Robb.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:02] And this is Ashley Manson and welcome to the Headline.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:13] Last weekend, This is what happened: Cinco de Mayo. We talked about that last time. It was great; Mexican dancing, Mexican food, cute decorations. Everybody was smiling. There were some dogs.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:24] They had a mechanical bull.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:25] A mechanical bull and a giant pinata.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:28] They did. I wasn’t there for part of the activities, but I did get to try the food. Delicious.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:33] Oh yeah. Yeah. We’ll have a feature on that coming out this week so you’ll get to see a little glimpse of it. Also there was a color festival that was run by Sri Devinidhi. She’s a student at BYU-Idaho who started the color festival as an effort to help her community and bring a little bit of India’s culture into ours, which is amazing.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:57] You can find a feature on her on the Scroll website.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:00] Yeah, we’ll be getting that this week. And also last Friday was the Kirkham sale.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:06] So cool, I bought myself a couple of items.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:09] What you get?

Ashley Manson: [00:01:10] I got a filing cabinet for myself. Really big, really heavy. I actually had to bring someone over to lift it and he’s like a bodybuilder. I think. I don’t know. He claims he works out, but he had to come and help me lift it and even he had a hard time with it.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:28] Wow, did it have, the like, a key? Does it lock?

Ashley Manson: [00:01:30] It does. We didn’t find that out until we get to my apartment.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:32] That’s classy, true class right there.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:35] I ended up buying my sister a smaller fire filing cabinet which I could carry, and then like some little filing shelves.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:40] Yeah we didn’t get there in time. Me and my roommate didn’t get there in time for filing cabinets. We really wanted those but instead, we got a whiteboard and there were some really cool stuff there. Sorry if you guys missed that.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:51] There really was. Yeah. They actually started selling out around 9 o’clock.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:54] Yeah. Oh my gosh there was like a full sized fridge. A fridge! A working fridge for fifteen dollars!

Ashley Manson: [00:02:00] $15. It was all super cheap.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:03] Somebody bought it already it was so sad. All right.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:07] Great deals. You should’ve gone.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:08] Yep.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:08] Yeah. Coming up this week we have the dance faculty concert known as dichotomy.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:16] Dichotomy.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:17] Dichotomy. It’s on this Friday at 7:30 to 9 p.m. It is a dance work composed by Ashley Storm and Joy Esplin and this is going to be featuring the showcases and talents of the dance faculty and upper level students so it’ll be fun to watch. Go watch the dance faculty show their work.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:39] Yeah this is like what the, the dance the Extravadance people watch to learn about dance.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:45] Exactly.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:45] These are the people.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:47] These are the teachers. I honestly have to say it’s actually more fun watching the teachers dance. I had a dance teacher and she actually got in an accident so she couldn’t walk but, when she did dance it was amazing and she was, she was more elderly so. But even then, watching an elderly be able to dance the way she could is amazing.

Maddy Robb: [00:03:07] It’s really cool. So this Friday we also have a performance by the National Parks 7:30 p.m. in the Hart Auditorium. Tickets are $12 for general public and $7 for BYU-Idaho students so bring your I-cards.

Ashley Manson: [00:03:21] Those who buys tickets for the floor will actually be allowed to stand during the concert.

Maddy Robb: [00:03:25] Oh so it’s like one of those pictures where everyone’s like dancin’ in front of the stage.

Ashley Manson: [00:03:29] Pretty much one of those really fun concerts where you get to be up and close.

Maddy Robb: [00:03:33] That’ll be you if you buy fast enough.

Ashley Manson: [00:03:36] I’m actually going and I’m really excited.

Maddy Robb: [00:03:38] Are you getting the floor tickets?

Ashley Manson: [00:03:40] I don’t know now. My, my friend had to buy the tickets, I mean.

Maddy Robb: [00:03:45] Either way you’ll get to hear the beautiful music and stuff I do.

Ashley Manson: [00:03:48] I’m excited though, and I hope you all will get to enjoy it as well. You could go buy the tickets online or you could also call the ticket office at 208-496-3170. That is the University Store ticket office and they will. They are still selling, they should be still selling. So go get a ticket and go enjoy the group.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:12] Go enjoy the group.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:14] Beautiful music.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:15] Beautiful music let it out. Okay. Guess what is happening this Sunday.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:21] Mother’s Day.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:22] It’s Mother’s Day.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:23] Go and show the love you have for your mothers.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:26] Yeah. Go and show it. And one easy way to do that this week is in the University Store so you can pick up cheap items from the University store. Send them to your mama. She will appreciate it.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:38] Yep sixth to the 11th. Great sale going on. Go check it out. Go get your mom some nice stuff. She deserves it. She raised you. If you can’t go visit her. It’s just go send it to her.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:50] It’s so sad.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:51] She loves. Mother’s love getting the small things. I wouldn’t know I’m not a mother, but I believe that is the case because that’s…

Maddy Robb: [00:05:00] That’s what I’ve heard.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:01] That’s what I would feel as a mother, I would feel so happy to know that my children cared.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:06] Yeah. So what was the, what do you think is the best Mother’s Day present you’ve ever given your mother?

Ashley Manson: [00:05:13] I am not really good at giving mothers presents actually, but this year I’m getting her a really cool present. I can’t say it because she listens to this.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:23] Oh okay.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:24] I would totally say it. I might say it next week.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:26] Hi Ashley’s mom.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:28] But she definitely listens to this, but I’m getting her this really cool little present and I feel like it’s gonna be one of the better ones that I get for her. No promises, but I feel like when I was younger, I definitely got her some pretty awesome ones because you know you have to make them.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:40] Yeah.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:40] I made a bunch of really cool presents in like preschool and kindergarten. You know, those I know are like the most heart touching because like she still has a lot of them.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:49] Oh sweet.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:51] Go make your mom a gift.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:53] Yes. She loves you. She’ll love what you make. And coming out this week on the scroll. We have some features. You know we’ve got the Cinco de Mayo thing, the color festival and, oh yeah the Kirkham sale. If you go online, the girl who covers that is Maddie Boyd.

Ashley Manson: [00:06:09] Madison Boyd.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:10] So Maddie Boyd, the one who covered the Kirkham sale, also got a picture of the auditorium without any chairs in it. It is eerie. You got to check that picture out. It is really cool.

Ashley Manson: [00:06:22] Some of the stories coming up include the feature story on the new student honor office director.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:28] Yeah William Riggins.

Ashley Manson: [00:06:31] It’s gonna be written by Haley Small, so keep a lookout for that one it’s should be published either Tuesday or Wednesday. And another one coming up is a feature on the Dean of Students Wynn Hill. These are brand, both brand new people and I have already seen the stories I’ve gotten a little bit of a preview on them, and they are pretty great stories. So keep an eye out for them.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:48] They’re not brand new to BYU-I are they?

Ashley Manson: [00:06:52] No, So they’ve both worked here for a while but you have some pretty cool stories.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:56] So we might be getting some changes in the way things run a little bit, and it’ll be interesting to see how that unfolds. And if you want to have a better idea of who these people are,check out those articles.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:06] Really great. Another thing to start looking out for is we’re going to be, we’ll be publishing previews every Friday now of devotional and a summary every Tuesday. So keep an eye out for those. We publish them every week.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:19] Woah.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:19] Mm-hmm. So if you missed devotional and you want an idea about who is speaking, go check them out. We got them for you. And this week on the police log.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:29] The police log.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:31] Some pretty interesting things.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:32] Our most popular section.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:34] Oh yes. This week we had an interesting story called Ghost crossings. Police responded to a potential issue with a traffic light. Police arrived and observed the light go through several cycles. It appeared the pedestrian button was being triggered without an actual pedestrian. Police advised Idaho Department Transportation of the situation. How would you feel if you saw a pedestrian light go off and no one was there?

Maddy Robb: [00:07:58] I feel like that happens all the time.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:01] I believe it does too. There are some issues every now and then with traffic lights, but I personally think it would be kind of interesting just to be sitting there and all of a sudden the pedestrian light goes on.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:13] You’re just like wow. I mean if you were a pedestrian waiting for the light to come on I would be really helpful, like, thanks ghost. Thanks Casper.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:23] Also on this week’s police log we have “a runaway poodle remembered to stay warm.”

Maddy Robb: [00:08:30] A runaway poodle remembered to stay warm because he was wearing a sweater. The police got reports about him walking around the countryside, sunflower area with no tags on him and they secured him and put him in a shelter. Then the police were contacted by the owner who stated that she was out of town and would come pick up the dog the next day. So I think the dog is safe.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:52] The dog should be safe.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:53] Dog should be safe. At least he’s warm you know.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:56] I mean it’s not that cold but.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:59] Yeah it’s really not. Especially if you’re a poodle.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:02] He probably looks nice.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:03] For sure.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:04] Also this week if you guys noticed there is some great changes to the temple sealing.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:10] Basically, First Presidency sent a letter to Church leaders that says where possible leaders should encourage couples to be both married and sealed in the temple, where a licensed marriage is not permitted in the temple or when a temple marriage would cause parents or immediate family members to feel excluded. A civil ceremony followed by a temple sealing is authorized. So in the past, when people got a civil marriage, like at a church till death do we part time marriage they would be required to wait a year before they could be sealed in the temple. And now what this letter saying is that that’s not necessary.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:49] They can get married the exact same day and be sealed in the temple. So there you have it, if you want to be able to have your entire family at your wedding you could have a normal wedding and then get sealed in the temple. So the family who can enter the temple can be there. I think it’d be really great for a lot of families like that.

Maddy Robb: [00:10:06] Well thanks guys for tuning in. I hope you have a great week. This has been the.

Ashley Manson: [00:10:11] Headline.

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