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Ashley Manson: [00:00:07] Hello and welcome to the headline. This is Ashley Manson.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:11] And this is Maddy Robb. Let’s talk about last week for a second.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:14] Yes. So this last week we had The National Parks.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:18] I didn’t go. Did you go?

Ashley Manson: [00:00:19] I did. It was actually really great. They had a bunch of floor spots that people could stand around. I actually, we had the floor but we actually went in the bleachers.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:29] So you could sit down?

Ashley Manson: [00:00:30] Yeah.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:31] Yeah.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:31] And oh it was so cool like we missed out on some cool stuff because sometimes they would actually go into the crowd and they’d be shaking hands with them.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:42] That is very cool.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:43] And it was really cool. They’re very, I guess the word is humble they’re very open to talking with other people. They’re super sweet and it was so cool. They’re great. Yeah. That was really cool. Another cool thing that happened this week was Detective Pikachu came out.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:01] Yeah I was really excited for that one my last column was about how I’m more intrigued by Detective Pikachu than I am by Endgame honestly, because you don’t know which direction it’s gonna go and Endgame. I mean there were a lot of questions but at the same time you knew it was gonna be good because it’s Marvel.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:17] It’s true. And I’m not going to lie. I actually saw a lot of the stuff coming. Like I expected it to happen with the Endgame.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:24] No Spoilers.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:24] I’m not spoiling it. I’m just saying like even though it’s not obvious it was still obvious.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:31] Yeah. But Detective Pikachi. Nobody saw this movie coming. It was just like who asked for a live action Pokemon movie. This came out of nowhere. It was totally unexpected and I thought it was really really good.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:45] It sounds good. I will say the Pikachu and all the rest the Pokemon looked very interesting.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:53] Some of them are cuter than others. That’s true.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:55] Some of them look cute on the cards and then you see them in the movie and they look terrifying. Charzard looks awesome.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:03] Yeah that was pretty cool.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:04] Just watching him in the previews. Um So yeah Detective Pikachu has come out and so has the movie The Hustle. It’s with Anne Hatheway and Rebel Wilson and so come on Rebel Wilson she’s pretty funny. It should be funny.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:18] It could be funny.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:18] There is also Tolkien.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:20] When is that coming out?

Ashley Manson: [00:02:21] That came out on Friday as well.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:23] Oh.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:24] I am actually interested in that. It looks really good. It’s about the writer Tolkien.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:28] Oh Tolkien.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:29] Yeah it’s pronounced Tolkien in the previews though.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:32] What?

Ashley Manson: [00:02:32] Yeah. So let’s just see how that one is that one that one sounds interesting. And then coming this week is A Dog’s Journey. So basically it’s the life journey of a dog with a bunch of his owners. It looks really cute.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:45] All right.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:45] I’m interested in I might not go see it but I’m interested. Also coming up this week we have events on campus. We have the Community Wellness Fair.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:55] That’s actually that’s going to be at the Madison Junior High School.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:59] So it’s on campus.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:59] It’s pretty close to campus. You can walk there. I haven’t been there, but basically the idea is they want to help people in Rexburg get to know what their resources are for health care. So whatever you need whatever your insurance covers I’m sure they’ll talk about that. They’ll have door prizes and over 70 vendors are going to be there.

Ashley Manson: [00:03:19] Oh that’s awesome.

Maddy Robb: [00:03:20] Yeah. So lots of things to do.

Ashley Manson: [00:03:22] They have some free screenings. We also have the Grill and Chill with the Career Center. So this is it’s a lunch opportunity to get to know the Career Center and to kind of learn about Handshake which is a networking program.

Maddy Robb: [00:03:35] I’m not the best at reaching out to new jobs and stuff like that but as I look through the internships available on Handshake they’re super intriguing. They have some really good ones and it kind of like narrows it down for you by like which internships and stuff are acceptable to BYU-Idaho. So if you need an internship to graduate they’ll have like everything on there is already approved by BYU-Idaho. So they’re like in partnership.

Ashley Manson: [00:03:58] Well that’s awesome. Yeah I’ve used Handshake a little bit. I’ve used Portfolium. I use LinkedIn a lot and they all are really great. Networking is probably the best way to contact people to find jobs. I’ve been contacted by several people because of history I’ve had with the job like I used to do janitorial work. And so I’ve had jobs reaching out to me and I can’t do it but it’s really cool. They will reach out to you or you could reach out reach out to them. Networking really works and those programs help.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:28] Very cool.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:30] The Grill and Chill is a great way to kind of get to know Handshake a little bit better.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:34] And that’ll be on Thursday at 11:00 a.m.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:37] In the it’s in the amphitheater and Plaza quads.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:40] I think that’s like right in front of the library between the library and the M.C.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:42] Yeah I believe so.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:44] I assume they’ll be food there.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:45] Oh yes.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:46] Grill and chill.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:47] Grill and Chill.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:49] And then on Friday we’re having our disciple leadership conference and I believe that’s three dollars for students. And basically you will have dinner. So three you’re your ticket pays for dinner you’ll get a lot of motivational speech from Amy Labaugh who is the Vice President of student living and her husband Jack Lavough who is in the marketing faculty. So you get you know you get a taste of that. And then after that they have a bunch of workshops where they have a lot of professionals coming in to teach skills. You get to pick your favorites and then you go to them. So you get to kind of customize your disciple leadership experience a little bit and it’ll be really good.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:26] Well that sounds really fun. Sounds great. It’s in the Manwaring center in 220 in the grand ballroom. And yes you get to have disciple leadership.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:36] Extra spirituality.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:38] Absolutely.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:39] Yeah. So this is your chance for the spring semester to go to Disciple Leadership this Friday.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:45] And after a lovely spiritual night you can go on a hot springs trip with the school. It’ll be off campus and it’s going to the Heise Hot Springs this Saturday. It’ll be at 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. it’s $10 per person. And you can buy tickets online. Students can take students and their spouses can go. You could go on a date to the hot spring. That’d be a lot of fun. Make sure you have a son who’s in a towel. Be prepared. We don’t want another expensive day where you end up being flown out in a helicopter.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:21] Another one?

Ashley Manson: [00:06:23] If you haven’t read that story there is a story on the scroll called The Most Expensive Date.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:27] Oh. That was a really good one last semester.

Ashley Manson: [00:06:31] Yes it was. It was a great story about a kid who wasn’t, a guy whose date was not completely prepared for a hike and he ended up having to be taken on a helicopter to the hospital and is still paying off those bills.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:50] Ooh Wow.

Ashley Manson: [00:06:50] So for those who go on this hot spring trip make sure you’re prepared.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:56] Not that I mean bring a water bottle and tell. But you probably won’t be flown off in a helicopter.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:04] Probably not.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:05] Probably.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:05] Just be prepared anyway. Yeah some fun. Speaking of stories some fun stories coming up is the Rocket Dynamic Society feature.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:15] They do all kinds of things there. Last semester they built a rocket. We got video of that . It was really cool.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:22] They really do. They do. They build some amazing stuff. I honestly don’t know how they do it. I feel like that would take a lot of work but it’s really cool to read about.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:33] It’s not rocket science. It is. It actually is.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:39] It is.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:40] And then we’re also having a feature on the radio station where this is being recorded right now.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:46] It’s a great place. There are some great people who work here that you could get to know and just read the feature about it. It should be a really great feature. Keep an eye out for it.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:57] Yeah it’s really cool.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:00] And some fun things that the Scroll has been doing; is if you look every Monday you’ll get to know the staff through Facebook or Instagram post.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:08] Yeah. So Ashley’s done one already where she was, Did you get interviewed or did you just say whatever you wanted?

Ashley Manson: [00:08:14] They did ask us a quick question and they got a picture of us doing something we enjoyed. So if you look at the picture I am writing with a quill and an ink jar. I don’t know if you can see the ink jar, but you can see the quill.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:25] Is that yours?

Ashley Manson: [00:08:25] Well it is mine actually.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:27] Very cool.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:28] I’m very old fashioned. I really love that kind of stuff. I have like records, really old cameras like I am very old fashioned. But so they will be doing that every Monday. You’re going to meet a different staff member in the Scroll. This week, I believe, it’s the Wednesday section in the Scroll that you get to meet and eventually you will get to see Maddy on there.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:50] Maybe, one day.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:52] We still have a while in the semester.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:54] I’ll be hiding until then.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:56] We also have on our Facebook and Instagram what we call #straightfromthesource. This is an opportunity for us to get to know other students on campus.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:07] So it’s like as students of Rexburg kind of thing?

Ashley Manson: [00:09:09] Pretty much, basically it’s just a little clip, a little picture with a little quote by them about something of their unique quality about them or different questions that we’ll be asking every week.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:23] Very cool. So you get a little, I don’t know, maybe you’ve been on that.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:27] Maybe you have.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:29] Shout out to people who have already been interviewed for the #studentsofRexburg?

Ashley Manson: [00:09:33] #straightfromthesource.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:34] Straight from the source. You’re the source. You’re the smart people we just talk.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:39] It’s true. We love to hear from the students here.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:42] Yeah we just talk. And if you want to give us some more information to talk about if you want to hear more from the Scroll or you have a topic you want us to cover. You can let us know what our website or on social media or the comments to this post the Headline.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:55] And students if there is more you want to know about another student. You could totally reach out to us or if you want to be.

Maddy Robb: [00:10:03] Featured.

Ashley Manson: [00:10:03] Featured just let us know and we can help with that.

Maddy Robb: [00:10:06] Yes email is Get famous.

Ashley Manson: [00:10:12] And thanks for listening. This is.

Maddy and Ashley: [00:10:14] The Headline.

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