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Ashley Manson: [00:00:07] Hello and welcome back to the headline. This is Ashley Manson.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:11] And I’m Maddie Robb. And we’re your new hosts because the other guys graduated. Yeah, that’s right. They are gone. So you’re stuck with us now.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:19] You already know a little bit about me from the last couple of shows that were put on last semester. But Maddie is brand new.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:26] I’m brand new to the headline. I’ve been doing Scroll TV’s {{the}} videos for a little bit.

Ashley Manson: [00:00:31] Yeah. So you’ve probably seen Maddie a few times in the videos on Scroll TV.

Maddy Robb: [00:00:35] Or you will if you were if listening to this. You’ve probably seen them, and it’s been very fun and very experimental and it changes every semester. And I very rarely know what to expect. And this semester, it’s gonna be pretty exciting because we’ve started a new show. Right now, it’s called the weekly peek or peek into the week or your peak for the week. We haven’t really decided yet. In fact, if you want to vote for that in the comments go ahead.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:02] That should be fun.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:03] I hope that you get to see. It should be on social media every week. It’s probably going to be different every week because we’re still learning.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:09] That’s true. And you will be surprised there are a lot of changes coming in the Scroll this semester.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:14] Oh yeah.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:15] Lots of brand new things. So keep and stay in tune with us. And on the Scroll app and Facebook page and you will see all those new changes coming.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:25] Yeah, I’m sure you’ll get most of your news through social media anyway, like Facebook. You get all this news get stuff that your friends share. So if you just follow us and social media, it’ll be a lot more accessible to you to get news about what’s going on around campus.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:38] Absolutely. Just keep it in mind. Look us up, we got it all ready for you.

Maddy Robb: [00:01:42] Yeah. And if there’s anything you guys want to cover just let us know. Talk to us in the comments anywhere on social media; we’ll hear about you.

Ashley Manson: [00:01:48] We’re gonna start off with the police log. It’s our favorite thing this week on the police log. One of our favorites happened to be about a suspicious man in a mask. A police [officer] responded to her apartment complex for the report of a male wearing a reflective vest and was wearing a skull mask. Police arrived in the area and was unable to locate the suspicious person.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:13] So it’s like if the Grim Reaper was wearing a reflective vest. What the heck is that?

Ashley Manson: [00:02:18] I would think so. It’s one of those vests I like a runner wears, I guess to be seen at night. All right. So Grim Reaper was just jogging. Grim Reaper went for a jog right. I don’t know, personally, I would be terrified if I saw a man in the skull mask. But at the same time, I would also be that person.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:35] Well, you know, I’ve seen some strange things around town. One time, I was just walking down the street and we see these people like carrying a fake human by the arms and legs, like four people. Carrying them just down the street, life-sized mannequin.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:49] Only in Rexburg.

Maddy Robb: [00:02:50] Yeah, like college towns weird.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:53] They really are. But they’re also a lot of fun.{{ [2.0]}}

Maddy Robb: [00:02:56] A lot of fun. You never know, especially at night.

Ashley Manson: [00:02:59] It’s very true. Be safe. Next on the police log. A student loses $1500 to fraud. A reporting party met police and filed the fraud report. A college student was contacted via his account and [got] offered a job installing electronic equipment. A fraudulent check was sent with the directions to buy Wal-Mart gift cards valued at $1500 and sent card information. So, I don’t know. That would be a little sketchy.

Maddy Robb: [00:03:30] Is there a single valid job that requires you to buy things?

Ashley Manson: [00:03:34] I don’t know. I’ve never really heard of that. I mean, there are a lot of scams going around. Yeah, I’ve heard of something like this, but to be e-mailed directly to your school e-mail? That’s a little sketchy.

Maddy Robb: [00:03:45] Yeah, I agree. I’m thinking if you hear a job that’s a little too good to be true, you’ll like, you’ll make a little too much money for a little too little effort. Google it.

Ashley Manson: [00:03:54] Yeah. Make sure you meet the person and go through all of that before you give card information is my opinion.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:00] Yep, yep.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:01] But you really do have to be careful out there with all those scams. They are everywhere. Can’t be too careful. So next things to do this spring semester.

Maddy Robb: [00:04:11] Things to do. Mesa Falls. Y’all heard of that? It’s gorgeous. I haven’t been there. I’ve tried to go there. Apparently, in the winter you can’t go there because there’s so much snow. In fact, like five feet times we tried to go. I think really late last semester when it was warming up and there was no snow here in Rexburg, so we’re like oh it’s all clear to go. “Let’s go to Mesa Falls.” We drive down there and there’s a turnoff of the highway where you’re going through like this giant field, and it’s like person’s height of snow. No road in sight. So you kind of have to wait for it all to melt before you can actually go there.

Ashley Manson: [00:04:44] There you go. Mesa Falls. I have never been there. I didn’t even know it existed, but I definitely go hammocking and stargazing. I’ve only gone stargazing once, and it’s terrifying because we had like a random animal just scratching at the bottom of the car we were in. And so we like ran for it.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:02] What was it? Do you know?

Ashley Manson: [00:05:02] We want to say a mouse.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:04] Oh.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:05] Because I don’t know what else it would be really. We were too terrified. We literally just got in the car and ran for it.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:12] All right fair, fair. Yeah. The St. Anthony dunes is a really great place if you want to go stargazing.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:18] That’s where I was.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:18] I think that’s the only place I’ve ever seen the Milky Way galaxy.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:21] Really?

Maddy Robb: [00:05:22] Yeah. On a really good day. It’s really nice. And you can burn things there. Doesn’t have nails in it, and it will be fine. You will. You are fine if you’re not fined.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:35] Another great thing to do is to go swimming. I am personally not big on swimming, so I don’t know a lot of the locations here. But there are a lot of places to go swimming when the weather gets nicer.

Maddy Robb: [00:05:46] Yeah. Like lakes.

Ashley Manson: [00:05:47] Beaver Dick Park, Pack Saddle Lake, St. Anthony sandbar, Rexburg Rapids, Ashton Reservoir, Island Park Reservoir, Rigby Lake. Those are all some great places to go swimming. Be really safe. Be careful. Things do happen.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:03] Things do happen. It’s the wilderness. It is in like a public park but kind of the wilderness.

Ashley Manson: [00:06:09] Yes, but yes, be safe. You never know what could happen out there.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:13] Yeah big fish.

Ashley Manson: [00:06:14] Yeah. Those, just those scary big fish.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:18] Yeah.

Ashley Manson: [00:06:18] Make delicious, well I don’t eat them but for others. They make delicious dinners.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:23] Oh. Have you guys noticed how windy it’s been?

Ashley Manson: [00:06:26] Oh man.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:28] It’s great kite-flying weather.

Ashley Manson: [00:06:29] It really is kite flying right now. I’ve never been. I’ve never actually felt like it before.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:35] You’ve never. OK.

Ashley Manson: [00:06:36] Never.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:36] We’re going to amend that.

Ashley Manson: [00:06:38] I’ve never flown a kite before, but this wind that would be absolutely great for that.

Maddy Robb: [00:06:42] It would be super great. I did some research on this a couple [of] semesters ago because I wrote an articleI think last spring about flying kites in Rexburg. It was one of my first articles, so it’s not the best but apparently delta shaped kites, which are the kinds that are like triangle shaped, are best for this region because we’re not next to a coast.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:01] That makes sense.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:02] But like triangle, I mean diamondshaped kites which are the more typical ones that you think of. Those are typically better when you’re closer to a coast.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:10] Interesting.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:11] So if you’re gonna buy a kite to fly in Rexburg then you probably want to get a delta-shaped kite, and you can get those at Walmart or the Dollar Store.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:18] And there’s also ultimate Kiting thing which my brother in law used to do. You have to be really safe about this. It is actually, it can be dangerous if you don’t do it right. Ultimate kiting is you basically being lift up by the kite into the air.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:30] Is that a good way to get to church? Because.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:33] I will do it, but yeah, my brother-in-law on to an accident doing it one time and he lost his memory. No idea who my sister was: “so it is dangerous but it does look like a lot of fun if you do it right.”

Maddy Robb: [00:07:46] A variety of kite flying. I think they used to have those at the outdoor activity center but then because of issues, they stopped renting those out.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:55] I might be wrong.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:56] Probably safety.

Maddy Robb: [00:07:57] You guys should check and let us know.

Ashley Manson: [00:07:58] Also coming up we have the Mike Super: The Magician. I believe I’ve seen him. I have gone to a magician and illusionist show recently, and I believe it was him. I’m not 100 percent sure, but he’s actually really cool.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:13] I do believe he came a couple of semesters ago here. He performed in the Kirkham building.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:18] I don’t know if that was when I went to, but he’s good.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:21] He’s pretty good and very funny. It was an enjoyable show. And if you guys have seen his little business cards, they look like playing card. It’s such a cool design.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:30] Yeah. I’m not that big into magic tricks and stuff. But he was good. He’s entertaining. He’s something worth watching.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:37] You will assuredly be entertained.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:39] Absolutely.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:40] OK, so that’s this Friday. Seven dollars [per] students, so bring your card, and 12 for the general public.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:46] You could order online if you need to from the ticket office, or you could probably buy it at the door, I think.

Maddy Robb: [00:08:52] There’s gonna be a line there. There always is. You’ll know.

Ashley Manson: [00:08:57] Another thing coming up is May the Fourth be with you.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:01] I’ve heard of at least three weddings happening on that day for that reason.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:05] It is a great day for Star Wars lovers. Think about it. They have the last movie coming out this year.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:10] Yeah. I’m gonna like leave no comment on that movie. Y’all leave comments. It’s fine. Tell us what you think. We’d like to know what you think. Maybe write about an article if you’re passionate enough.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:20] Yes. Let us know what you think about the future movie to come, and I’m planning on celebrating with my r2 d2 shirt. So you guys like Star Wars should celebrate with me on a Saturday and Cinco de Mayo.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:36] Cinco de Mayo.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:37] There is actually a celebration this coming week.

Maddy Robb: [00:09:40] If you guys have been on Facebook or if you’ve seen the signs around town, you probably know that we’re gonna have dancers come in partying it up on Saturday.

Ashley Manson: [00:09:49] It will be on Main Street. It’ll be so much fun. If you want, I will be wearing a mini sombrero headband. If you plan to go.

Maddy Robb: [00:10:00] I’ll come just for that.

Ashley Manson: [00:10:02] Oh yeah. It’s gonna be so much fun. I love these celebrations.

Maddy Robb: [00:10:06] Yeah. I just like to be where the people are. If you feel like being cool just go to say goodbye y’all. If you wanna experience a wider variety of fun.

Ashley Manson: [00:10:14] Cinco de Mayo.

Maddy Robb: [00:10:16] Cinco de Mayo.

Ashley Manson: [00:10:17] It’s a lot of fun.

Maddy Robb: [00:10:18] Oh yeah. Enjoy [the] spring semester. It’s gorgeous. We want to see you having fun! And thanks for listening to the Headline.

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