The Howls echo through the Spori halls


As the initial adjustments are placed on spotlights and microphones, the six members of Rexburg indie rock ‘n’ roll band, The Howls, are seemingly unfazed, making jokes and quoting memorable lines from Forrest Gump.

“Did someone spray frebreze?” said Bo Brusco, the band’s drummer and a senior studying English education. “Because I might have farted.”

Despite the joking, Brusco and the other members of The Howls simultaneously tuned their instruments, warmed their vocal chords and stretched their fingers in preparation for when the cameras started rolling.

“Stephen, we still need to record your parts for ‘Devils In My Mind,'” said Tanner Waite, a guitar player in the band and sophomore studying communication.

The band is currently self-recording their debut EP, the official title and release date of which have not yet been announced.

After playing through one of their songs so that sound levels could be set correctly, the band members discussed requirements for future recording sessions, band practices, shows and a taco rendezvous to celebrate their trumpet player’s birthday.

After stepping out to answer a brief phone call from a well-wisher, Francisco Macalupu, the band’s trumpet player and a freshman studying advanced vehicle systems, returned to the Jacob Spori Building production studio with a grin on his face.

“Sorry, that was just one of my girlfriends,” Macalupu said, eliciting a giggle from the rest of the band.

After some final adjustments and a signal from the director, the cameras’ red lights switched on. Francisco Macalupu, Bo Brusco, Tanner Waite, Lyle Falkner, Stephen Beyer and Spencer Ford did exactly what they came to do — play the music they love.


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