The Humor Code, BYU-Idaho Talent Activities’ sketch comedy group, will be performing their semester show on Dec. 1 in the Oscar A. Kirkham Auditorium. The cast and crew said this will be one of the biggest shows they have produced in years.

Actors in the show said they have come to love their fellow performers, the family they have created between themselves and the fun they all have together.

“Somehow we all click, and it’s just like going to hang out with friends for a couple hours and goofing off and then getting to show that to other people and help them have a good time too,” said Maren Finch, a freshman studying theatre performance. “It’s just amazing.”

The cast and crew said they are excited to bring laughter and comedy to BYU-I. Tickets to attend are $3, but the cast and crew say the show is worth a lot more.

“There really is something for everyone,” said Andrew Peery, one of the Humor Code co-managers. “If you’re a nerd, there are sketches about nerdy stuff. If you’re into Disney, there’s Disney stuff in there. If you’re into sciency things or Studio C stuff … we have a ton of different things to offer; references from movies, references from pop culture–we have it all. And the best thing about it is it’s clean comedy and it’s a lot of fun. … I can almost guarantee you’re gonna laugh at something on the stage.”

As one of the final shows on campus in the last couple of weeks of the semester, the Humor Code cast and crew said they cannot wait to offer students a fun, comical escape from finals and schoolwork.