Extended Play Cinema offers an all-new way to experience The Karate Kid.

The Karate Kid will be shown Saturday, March 18 at the Romance Theater.

This Extended Play Cinema event will allow audiences to experience a classic film in a whole new way. The event will offer photo-ops, karate demonstrations, an I-Spy game and more.

“It’s a really fun way to experience the movie in a new, more interactive and immersive way,” said Emily Miller, the Romance Arts media manager. “Some of these movies, people have watched many times, but Extended Play Cinema makes it more than just watching a movie.”

If enough attendees come in costume, prizes will be awarded to the best one of the evening.

“Regular tickets are $8 and include the movie, games and activities. Premium tickets are $12 and include the movie, games, activities, swag and concessions,” Miller said. “Premium tickets are limited and usually sell out, so buying in advance is encouraged, but tickets can also be purchased at the door.”

Tickets can be purchased at rexburgarts.org.