The David O. McKay Library started the week off with a line of students coming from inside the E. B. Grandin Press to create and press their own Hogwarts acceptance letters. Those who have missed this opportunity still have the chance to press their acceptance letters this coming Wednesday.

Students also had the chance to attend the one-hour introduction to the library held in Mckay 190. Those interested in this activity had the opportunity to learn how the library website works as well as how it can help them with their classes.

As the week continues, students have the chance to learn which Hogwarts house they belong to as well as go on a magical scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt entails looking for clues throughout the library to help out their wizard house gain points throughout the week. Those that participate in the scavenger hunt receive a 25 percent-off coupon valid on Harry Potter items sold at the University bookstore, according to the competition rules.

A drawing will be done at the end of the week for the students that participate in the activities. Students can receive prizes such as wands, Harry Potter book collections and more.