The most fun you’ll ever have inside a bubble.


Many students come to the Hart Gym for all kinds of sporting activities from soccer, to basketball, to volleyball, racquetball, but a new sport has found its way into the gym; it’s called Bumper Soccer.

This new sport is brought to campus by students who are enrolled in the Integrated Business Core. These students organized the semester-long company known as Bumper Sportz.

Jake Skinner said, “The favorite thing coming out here for me would be offering people something unique, something to do in Rexburg. It gets cold outside, it’s boring around here especially if you’ve been here more than a cole semesters. It’s just something new to do. So we’re just trying to offer something that you know you can’t find too many other places.”

Stephanie Devisser told me, “I would defineitely come back and play bubble soccer. It was way fun, great work out, get some frustration out. It’s awesome.”

The rules are straightforward. Play Soccer. There are other game variations but it seems that participants mostly want to just run into each other.

Jason Ware the CEO of Bumper Sportz told me that a company in China splied the bubbles. I asked if any injuries have been sustained but it seems that everyone has all the protection that they need. Ultimately Jason and his company just want to give something fun and exciting to students here at BYU-I.

Jason Ware says, “We do want to have, you know we want to give those students just this epic feeling of, ‘Man that was fun, I want to do that again, it was different, it was fun, I was with my friends, and so we’ve really been successful at that, just showing people a good time.”

This is Adam Doan reporting from the Hart Gym, Scroll TV News.

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